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INT Research Notes (RN)

Publications from the former Intermountain Research Station (INT) (1963-1997). Listed in descending order by publication number. Only titles with links are currently available online with more titles always being added.

INT-RN-431: Botanical Reconnaissance of Carlton Ridge Research Natural Area: Mid-to High- Elevation Subalpine Habitats

INT-RN-430: Big Sagebrush Seed Storage

INT-RN-429: Estimating diameter Growth for Pinyon and Juniper Trees in Arizona and New Mexico

INT-RN-428: Smoothing Point Data into Maps Using SAS/GRAPH Software

INT-RN-427: Overview of MAGIS: A multi-resource analysis and geographic information system

INT-RN-426: Australian-American Match Tests

INT-RN-425: Recreational Trampling Experiments: Effects of Trampler Weight and Shoe Type

INT-RN-424: The Effect of Phloem Thickness on Heterozygosity in Laboratory-Reared Mountain Pine Beetles

INT-RN-423: Effects of Acid and Metal Solutions on Seedling Foliage of Two Western Conifers

INT-RN-422: Accuracy of Early Stand Exam Age Estimates in the Swan Valley of Western Montana

INT-RN-421: Nylon Tent Screens Out Smoke particulate Matter

INT-RN-420: Genetic Variation in Susceptibility of Lodgepole Pine to Western Gall Rust in the Inland Northwest

INT-RN-419: Using pheromones to protect heat-injured lodgepole pine from mountain pine beetle infestation

INT-RN-418: Some Economic Impacts of the 1988 Fires in the Yellowstone Area

INT-RN-417: Comparing Revegetation Success on Monitored and nonmonitored Gas Well Sites in Southwestern Wyoming

INT-RN-416: Oxyfluorfen Safe to Use in Engelmann Spruce Seedbeds

INT-RN-415: Byram's Energy Criterion for Wildland Fires: Units and Equations

INT-RN-414: Characteristics of Visitors without Permits Compared to those With Permits at the Desolation Wilderness, California

INT-RN-413: Influence of Topography on Cumulative Pollen Flow of Fourwing Saltbush

INT-RN-412: Trials of Mixed-Conifer Plantings for Increasing Diversity in the Lodgepole Pine Type

INT-RN-411: Converting Wood Volume to Biomass for Pinyon and Juniper

INT-RN-410: Probability of Fire-Stopping Precipitation Events

INT-RN-409: Susceptibility of Volcanic Ash-Influenced Soil in Northern Idaho to Mechanical Compaction

INT-RN-408: Effects of Nursery Fertilizer and Irrigation on Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pine Seedling Size

INT-RN-407: Top-Kill of Ponderosa Pine, Dixie National Forest, Utah

INT-RN-406: How To Recognize Blister Rust Infection On Whitebark Pine

INT-RN-405: Fire Dynamics in Northern Rocky Mountain Stand Types

INT-RN-404: Assessing Forest Service Recreation Trends with Shift-Share Analysis

INT-RN-403: Long-term Survival of 20 Selected Plant Accessions in a Rush Valley, Utah, Planting

INT-RN-402: Effects of the Gates Park Fire on recreation choices

INT-RN-401: Susceptibility of Lodgepole Pine to Western Gall Rust Within the Middle Columbia River System

INT-RN-400: Improving the Performance of Fire Retardant Delivery Systems on Fixed-Wing Aircraft

INT-RN-399: Dryland Forest Volume: Another Look at the Visual Segmentation Technique

INT-RN-398: Insect Infestation of Fire-Injured Trees in the Greater Yellowstone Area

INT-RN-397: Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pine Seedling Bud Burst Varies With Lift Date and Cultural Practices in Idaho Nursery

INT-RN-396: Fuel Moisture as Measured and Predicted During the 1988 Fires in Yellowstone Park

INT-RN-395: Statistical Procedures for Disaggregation Applicable to Modeling Climatic Effects on Forest Growth

INT-RN-394: Implications of Random Variation in the Stand Prognosis Model

INT-RN-393: Pine hollow exclosures: Effect of browsing on an aspen community sprayed with 2,4-D

INT-RN-392: Representing Growth Response to Fertilization in the Prognosis Model for Stand Development

INT-RN-391: AUTOADJ: A Computer Program for Entering Constraints for Polygons in IRAS and IRPM

INT-RN-390: Evolution of a research prototype expert system for endemic populations of mountain pine beetle in lodgepole pine forests

INT-RN-389: Area of Vegetation Loss: A New Index of Campsite Impact

INT-RN-388: Dispersal of Second-Instar Western Spruce Budworm Above and Below Forest Canopies in Western Montana

INT-RN-387: Eight-year tree growth following prescribed underburning in a western Montana Douglas-fir/western larch stand

INT-RN-386: Distribution of permanent plots to evaluate silvicultural treatments in the Inland Empire

INT-RN-385: Field Guide for Predicting Snow Damage to Ponderosa Pine Plantations

INT-RN-384: Plant Density and Cover Response to Several Seeding Techniques Following Wildfire

INT-RN-383: SCREEN(F): A FORTRAN77 Program to Identify Predictors of Dichotomous Dependent Variables

INT-RN-382: Relative Suitabilities of Regression Models in Electronic Analysis of Riparian Vegetation

INT-RN-381: Flammability Reduction Comparisons of Four Forest Fire Retardants

INT-RN-380: Montana Timber Market Model - A User's Guide

INT-RN-379: Woodland Volume Equations for Arizona Fort Apache and San Carlos Indian Reservations

INT-RN-378: Soil Temperatures and Suckering in Burned and Unburned Aspen Stand in Idaho

INT-RN-377: Improved Streamflow and Water Quality Monitoring Using a Microprocessor-Based System

INT-RN-376: Forest Succession in Western Montana - A Computer Model Designed for Resource Managers

INT-RN-375: Susceptibility of Inland Douglas-Fir to Rhabdocline Needle Cast

INT-RN-374: Simple Method for Computing Spotting Distances from Wind-Driven Surface Fire

INT-RN-373: Adaptive Variation and Seed Transfer for Ponderosa Pine in Central Idaho

INT-RN-372: Soil disturbance-tree growth relations in central Idaho clearcuts

INT-RN-371: Armillaria in the Northern Rockies: Pathogenicity and Host Susceptibility on Pristine and Disturbed Sites

INT-RN-370: Comparative Vegetational Recovery on Firelines Cleared with Explosives and with Handtools

INT-RN-369: Estimating Singleleaf Pinyon Volumes for Several Utilization Standards

INT-RN-368: Carbohydrate Reserves in Nursery Stock - Effects of Cultural Practices

INT-RN-367: Mountain Pine Beetle Selection of Dwarf Mistletoe and Comandra Blister Rust Infected Lodgepole Pine

INT-RN-366: Design and Construction of an Electric Arc Generator for Fuel Ignition Studies

INT-RN-365: HIDE2: Evaluation of Elk Hiding Cover Using a Personal Computer

INT-RN-364: Edaphic Relationships in Climax Singleleaf Pinyon Stands of Western Nevada

INT-RN-363: Pinyon-Juniper Volume Equations for Arizona Hualapai and Havasupai Indian Reservations

INT-RN-362: Small Mammal Responses to Diameter-Cut Logging in an Idaho Douglas-fir Forest

INT-RN-361: Inheritance of the bark reaction resistance mechanism in Pinus monticola infected by Cronartium ribicola

INT-RN-360: Using Aerial Photos to Fingerprint a Stand for Root Disease Research

INT-RN-359: Estimation of Diameter at Breast Height from Stump Diameter for Lodgepole Pine

INT-RN-358: Surface Fuel Loadings and Predicted Fire Behavior for Vegetation Types in the Northern Rocky Mountains

INT-RN-357: Characterizing Succession Within a Forest Habitat Type - An Approach Designed for Resource Managers

INT-RN-356: Distinguishing Mated and Unmated Mountain Pine Beetles in Alcohol-Preserved Specimens

INT-RN-355: Performance of Douglas-fir Intervarietal Hybrids After 10 Years of Field Testing

INT-RN-354: Susceptibility of Pine Populations to Western Gall Rust - Central Idaho

INT-RN-353: Association of an Endemic Mountain Pine Beetle Population with Lodgepole Pine Infected by Armillaria Root Disease in Utah

INT-RN-352: Computer Software System for Entering, Managing, and Analyzing Fish Capture Data from Streams

INT-RN-351: Response of Gambel Oak to Tebuthiuron in Central Utah

INT-RN-350: Response of Broom Snakeweed to Application of Tebuthiuron

INT-RN-349: Susceptibility of Lodgepole Pine to the Needle Cast Fungus Lophodermella Concolor

INT-RN-348: Passive Aerial Barrier Trap Suitable for Sampling Flying Bark Beetles

INT-RN-347: Viability of Seed Produced on Highly Sodic Coal Mine Spoils

INT-RN-346: Spotting Distance from Wind-Driven Surface Fires Extensions of Equations for Pocket Calculators

INT-RN-345: Characteristics of Fireline Blasted with Linear Explosives: Initial Test Results

INT-RN-344: Short Internodes in Western White Pine

INT-RN-343: Resistance to Cronartium Ribicola in Pinus Monticola: Higher Survival of Infected Trees

INT-RN-342: Heat of Preignition of Three Woody Fuels Used in Wildfire Modeling Research

INT-RN-341: Needed: Guidelines for defining acceptable advance regeneration

INT-RN-340: Early Developmental Differences among Five Lodgepole Pine Provenances Planted on a Subalpine Site in Montana

INT-RN-339: A severe epidemic of Marssonina leaf blight on quaking aspen in Northern Utah

INT-RN-338: Strategy for Reducing Mountain Pine Beetle Infestations with Ponderosa Pine Trap Logs

INT-RN-337: Seed Transfer Guidelines for Douglas-fir in Central Idaho

INT-RN-336: Developing Prediction Models for Private Timber Harvest in Montana

INT-RN-335: Construction Cost and Erosion Control Effectiveness of Filter Windrows on Fill Slopes

INT-RN-334: Broadcast Seeding Success in Eight Pinyon-Juniper Stands After Wildfire

INT-RN-333: Harvesting Strategies for Management of Mountain Pine Beetle Infestations in Lodgepole Pine: Preliminary Evaluation, East Long Creek Demonstration Area, Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming

INT-RN-332: Techniques for Implementing the Individual Tree Selection Method in the Grand Fir-Cedar-Hemlock Ecosystems of Northern Idaho

INT-RN-331: Seed Transfer Guidelines for Western Larch in the Northern Rocky Mountains

INT-RN-330: Deploying Pheromone-Baited Traps for the Western Spruce Budworm and Other Defoliating Insects

INT-RN-329: Seed Transfer Guidelines for Douglas-Fir in Western Montana

INT-RN-328: Bulldozers in Fire Management: Current Designs and Uses

INT-RN-327: Using Rheology to Estimate Short-term Retardant Droplet Sizes

INT-RN-326: Low and Variable Visitor Compliance Rates at Voluntary Trail Registers

INT-RN-325: Recommendations for Selection and Management of Seed Orchards of Western White Pine

INT-RN-324: Inventory of Salmon, Steelhead Trout, and Bull Trout: South Fork Salmon River, Idaho

INT-RN-323: Recovering Western Spruce Budworm Larvae from Sticky Traps Covered with Volcanic Ash

INT-RN-322: Thinning and Pruning Western White Pine: A Potential for Reducing Mortality Due to Blister Rust

INT-RN-321: Grizzly Bear Distribution in the Yellowstone Area, 1973-79

INT-RN-320: Effect of Brush Competition and Plastic Mulch on Moisture Stress of Planted Douglas-fir

INT-RN-319: Trends in Recreational Use of National Forest Wilderness

INT-RN-318: PATTEINT-RN-- A System for Land Management Planning

INT-RN-317: Formatting and Documenting Multidisciplinary Data

INT-RN-316: Rooting Purple Sage Stem Cuttings

INT-RN-315: Cone Production of Western White Pine Seedlings and Grafts

INT-RN-314: Field and Laboratory Methods for Age Determination of Quaking Aspen

INT-RN-313: Identifying Sheep Killed by Bears

INT-RN-312: Stem Breakage Effect on Cone and Pollen Production in Pinus monticola (Dougl.)

INT-RN-311: Stand Estimates of Biomass and Growth in Pinyon-Juniper Woodlands in Nevada

INT-RN-310: Spot Fire Distance Equations for Pocket Calculators

INT-RN-309: Spot Fire Distance from Isolated Sources - Extensions of a Predictive Model

INT-RN-308: Paired Comparisons: A Method for Ranking Mule Deer Preference for Various Browse Species

INT-RN-307: Effects of Sheep Grazing on a Riparian-Stream Environment

INT-RN-306: Differential Defoliation of Neighboring Douglas-fir Trees by Western Spruce

INT-RN-305: Soil Disturbance Caused by Clearcutting and Helicopter Yarding in the Idaho Batholith

INT-RN-304: Forest Floor Fuel Loads, Depths, and Bulk Densities in Four Interior Alaskan Cover Types

INT-RN-303: Survival and Height Growth of Coastal and Interior Western White Pine Saplings in North Idaho

INT-RN-302: Songbird Populations and Clearcut Harvesting of Aspen in Northern Utah

INT-RN-301: Potting Media for Atriplex Production Under Greenhouse Conditions

INT-RN-300: Seed Transfer Guidelines for Douglas-Fir in North Idaho

INT-RN-299: Photo Guides for Appraising Downed Woody Fuels in Montana Forests: How They Were Made

INT-RN-298: Aquatic Macroinvertebrates Within the Phosphate Mining Area of Eastern Idaho

INT-RN-297: Emergence and Attack Behavior of the Mountain Pine Beetle in Lodgepole Pine

INT-RN-296: Effects of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizer on Planted Ponderosa Pine in West-Central Idaho

INT-RN-295: Effect of Heating Rate on Char Yield From Forest Fuels

INT-RN-294: Damage from Logging and Prescribed Burning in Partially Cut Douglas-Fir Stands

INT-RN-293: Postharvest Residue Burning Under Alternative Silvicultural Practices

INT-RN-292: Reformulation of forest fire spread equations in SI units

INT-RN-291: Rooting Western White Pine, Pinus Monticola Dougl., Needle Fascicles and Branch Cuttings

INT-RN-290: Comparative Growth Rates of Western White Pine Varieties Resistant to Blister Rust

INT-RN-289: Measuring Annual Growth Rings Using an Electronic Measuring Machine

INT-RN-288: Cold Hardiness of Western Larch Populations

INT-RN-287: Estimating survival and salvage potential of fire-scarred Douglas-fir

INT-RN-286: Roundwood Product Potential in Logging Residue

INT-RN-285: Bioassay of Alpine Mine Spoils for Plant Growth and Development

INT-RN-284: Incidence of Mountain Pine Beetle Abandoned Galleries in Lodgepole Pine

INT-RN-283: Genetic Gains from Mass Selection in Lodgepole Pine

INT-RN-282: Rooting Stem Cuttings from Aspen Seedlings

INT-RN-281: Comparison of the Nutrient Content of Rocky Mountain Douglas-Fir and Ponderosa Pine Trees

INT-RN-280: Light burning and the nutrient value of forage

INT-RN-279: High Browse Yield in a Planted Stand of Bitterbrush

INT-RN-278: Conceptual Framework for Integrating Fire Considerations in Wildland Planning

INT-RN-277: Determining the Moisture Content of Some Dead Forest Fuels Using a Microwave Oven

INT-RN-276: Comparison of Percent Shrinkage and Specific Gravity for Three Types of Western White Pine Wood

INT-RN-275: Shoot Development in Young Aspen

INT-RN-274: Estimating Pinyon and Juniper Fuel and Biomass from Aerial Photographs

INT-RN-273: PARMS - A Computer Program to Modify FINSYS-2 TABLE-2 and other FORTRAN Programs

INT-RN-272: Fuel Management Opportunities on the Lolo National Forest: An Economic Analysis

INT-RN-271: Elk-Aspen Relationships on a Prescribed Burn

INT-RN-270: Response of Grand Fir, Western Hemlock, Western White Pine, Western Larch, and Douglas-fir to Nitrogen Fertilizer in Northern Idaho

INT-RN-269: Progress Toward Locating Lightning Fires

INT-RN-268: Fire Containment Equations for Pocket Calculators

INT-RN-267: Spontaneous and Piloted Ignition of Rotten Wood

INT-RN-266: Relations Between Inside and Outside Bark Diameter at Breast Height for Douglas-fir in Northern Idaho and NorthWestern Montana

INT-RN-265: Pine Tissue Affected by Blister Rust Despite Dialysis Barrier Between the Organisms in Culture

INT-RN-264: Resistance of Douglas-Fir to Western Spruce Budworm: Results of a Preliminary Progeny Test

INT-RN-263: Fire - Decay: Interactive Roles Regulating Wood Accumulation and Soil Development in the Northern Rocky Mountains

INT-RN-262: Seedling Water Relations of Two Grass Species on High-Elevation Acid Mine Spoils

INT-RN-261: Heat Content of Bark, Twigs, and Foliage of Nine Species of Western Conifers

INT-RN-260: Comparison of Portable Aluminum and Standard Wooden Thermometer Shelters

INT-RN-259: Merchantable Cubic Stand Volume Conversion Factors for Lodgepole Pine in Montana and Idaho

INT-RN-258: Forest Area and Timber Resource Statistics for the Bozeman Working Circle, Montana, 1976

INT-RN-257: TuINT-RN-Cycle Time Prediction for Rubber Tired Skidders in the Northern Rockies

INT-RN-256: Some Chemical Characteristics of Green and Dead Lodgepole Pine and Western White Pine

INT-RN-255: Patterns of First-Year Growth in Populations of Douglas-Fir (Pseudotsuga Menziesii var. Glauca)

INT-RN-254: Chilling Requirements for Optimal Growth of Rocky Mountain Douglas-Fir Seedlings

INT-RN-253: Sucker Regeneration in a Utah Aspen Clone After Clearcutting, Partial Cutting, Scarification, and Girdling

INT-RN-252: Resistance of Western White Pine to Blister Rust: A Foundation for Integrated Control

INT-RN-251: Fertilizing and Clipping Effects on Seed Capsule and Forage Production of Orange Globemallow

INT-RN-250: Estimating Light Intensity Beneath Coniferous Forest Canopies: Simple Field Method

INT-RN-249: Genetic Variation in Susceptibility of Western White Pine to Needle Blight

INT-RN-248: Effect of Cold Storage on Development of Suckers on Aspen Root Cuttings

INT-RN-247: Plant Nutrients in Flyash from Bark-Fired Boilers

INT-RN-246: Hydrochemical Influences on the Fishery Within the Phosphate Mining Area of Eastern Idaho

INT-RN-245: Linear Measurement: A Method of Estimating Fascicle Numbers for Larch Casebearer Population Sampling

INT-RN-244: Terpenes for Indirect Selection of Growth Potential in Rocky Mountain Douglas-fir

INT-RN-243: Fuel Particle Diameters of Western Hemlock Slash

INT-RN-242: Estimating Pinyon-Juniper Cordwood with the Line-Intersect Method

INT-RN-241: Variation in Suckering Capacity Among and Within Lateral Roots of an Aspen Clone

INT-RN-240: Effect of Growing Season on Sprouting of Blue Huckleberry

INT-RN-239: Fifth-Year Seed:Seedling Ratios of Lodgepole Pine by Habitat Type and Seedbed Preparation Technique

INT-RN-238: Regeneration and Early Growth on Strip Clearcuts in Lodgepole Pine/ Bitterbursh Habitat Type

INT-RN-237: Estimating Effect of Timber Harvesting Levels on Employment in Western United States

INT-RN-236: Variation in Char Density on Laboratory Fuels

INT-RN-235: Alaskan Lightning Storm Characteristics

INT-RN-234: Utah Timber Production and Mill Residues, 1974

INT-RN-233: Western South Dakota Timber Production and Mill Residues, 1974

INT-RN-232: Colorado Timber Production and Mill Residues, 1974

INT-RN-231: New Mexico Timber Production and Mill Residues, 1974

INT-RN-230: Arizona Timber Production and Mill Residues, 1974

INT-RN-229: Preliminary guidelines for prescribed burning under standing timber in western larch/douglas-fir forests

INT-RN-228: Opening Temperatures in Serotinous Cones of Lodgepole Pine

INT-RN-227: Summary of nutrient and biomass data from two aspen sites in western United States

INT-RN-226: An Aerial Test of Orthene Against the Larch Casebearer

INT-RN-225: Differential Susceptibility of 19 White Pine Species to Woolly Aphid (Pineus coloradenisi)

INT-RN-224: Changes in Ribonuclease Activity Resulting from Stem Infections of Western White Pine by Blister Rust

INT-RN-223: Base-Age Conversion and Site-Index Equations for Engelmann Spruce Stands in the Central and Southern Rocky Mountains

INT-RN-222: Callus Proliferation and Differentiation of Ribes SPP. In Vitro

INT-RN-221: Rose Hips - A Possible High-Energy Food for Wintering Mule Deer?

INT-RN-220: Response of Ponderosa Pine Seeds to Light

INT-RN-219: Attrition of Lodgepole Pine Snags on the Sleeping Child Burn, Montana

INT-RN-218: Selecting Western White Pine Leave-Trees

INT-RN-217: Soil Sampler for Steep, Rocky Sites

INT-RN-216: Protecting and Storing Increment Cores in Plastic Straws

INT-RN-215: Delayed Graft Incompatibility in Western White Pine

INT-RN-214: Effects of Different Tree Packages Vary with Species and Habitat Types

INT-RN-213: Acquiring Forest Insect Impact Data

INT-RN-212: Relationship of Stump Diameter to Diameter at Breast Height for Seven Tree Species in Arizona and New Mexico

INT-RN-211: Herbicides Used for Control of Lesser Vegetation Damage Young Lodgepole Pine

INT-RN-210: Estimating Fuel Weights of Grasses, Forbs, and Small Woody Plants

INT-RN-209: Optimum Egg Gallery Densities for the Mountain Pine Beetle in Relation to Lodgepole Pine Phloem Thickness

INT-RN-208: Forest Area and Timber Volume Statistics for Western South Dakota, 1974

INT-RN-207: Number of Plots Required for Measuring Productivity on Mountain Grasslands in Montana

INT-RN-206: Revegetation of an Alpine Mine Disturbance: Beartooth Plateau, Montana

INT-RN-205: Revised Marsh Funnel Calibrations for Measuring Fire Retardant Viscosity

INT-RN-204: Spontaneous and Piloted Ignition of Cheatgrass

INT-RN-203: Esthetic evaluation of timber harvesting in the Northern Rockies - a progressive report

INT-RN-202: Mass Selection for Blister Rust Resistance: A Method for Natural Regeneration of Western White Pine

INT-RN-201: Genetic Variation in a Provenance Test of 16-Year-Old Ponderosa Pine

INT-RN-200: Low Compliance Rates at Unmanned Trail Registers

INT-RN-199: Soil Water Depletion by Lodgepole Pine on Glacial Till

INT-RN-198: Habitat Type and Site Preparation Affect Survival of Planted Douglas-Fir in Central Idaho Brushfields

INT-RN-197: Abandoned Mountain Pine Beetle Galleries in Lodgepole Pine

INT-RN-196: Hydrogen Peroxide and Thiourea Treatment of Bitterbrush Seed

INT-RN-195: Winter Storage and Packaging Effects on Lucky Peak Seedlings

INT-RN-194: Spontaneous and Piloted Ignition of Pine Needles

INT-RN-193: Trail Deterioration in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness

INT-RN-192: Single Dimension, Multiple Development Thin-Layer Chromatography of Sugars for Densitometric Quantification

INT-RN-191: Site Index and Maximum Gross Yield Capability Equations for Ponderosa Pine in the Black Hills

INT-RN-190: Stem Surface Area Equations for Four Tree Species of New Mexico and Arizona

INT-RN-189: Characteristics of Douglas-Fir Beetle Infestation in Northern Idaho Resulting From Treatment with Douglure

INT-RN-188: Comparing Actual Timber Growth with Potential: Some Implications for Montana

INT-RN-187: Appraising Forest Fuels: A Concept

INT-RN-186: Water Quality of Three Small Watersheds in Northern Utah

INT-RN-185: Tetrazolium Viability, Germinability, and Seedling Growth of Old Seeds of 36 Mountain Rang Plants

INT-RN-184: Genetic Variation of Douglas-Fir in the Northern Rocky Mountains

INT-RN-183: Conifer Thinning Guides in Five Steps

INT-RN-182: Snow Cache Temperatures Suitable for Storage of Conifer Nursery Stock

INT-RN-181: Reducing fire potential in lodgepole pine by increasing timber utilization

INT-RN-180: Flight and Attack Behavior of Mountain Pine Beetles in Lodgepole Pine of Northern Utah and Southern Idaho

INT-RN-179: Breeding Blister Rust Resistant Western White Pine. VI. First Results From Field Testing of Resistant Planting Stock

INT-RN-178: Resistance to Cronartium Ribicola in Pinus Monticola: Structure and Gain of Resistance in the Second Generation

INT-RN-177: Withdrawn Without Distribution

INT-RN-176: Withdrawn Without Distribution

INT-RN-175: Ground Cover Alternatives at Fire-Weather Stations

INT-RN-174: Space Management at Fire-Weather Stations

INT-RN-173: Computer Subroutine for Calculating Log Volumes by the International Rule

INT-RN-172: Energy Required to Dry Wood

INT-RN-171: Lodgepole Pine Losses to Mountain Pine Beetle Related to Elevation

INT-RN-170: Interaction Between Mountain Pine Beetle and Dynamics of Lodgepole Pine Stands

INT-RN-169: An 18-kt. Gold Sphere Gives Accurate Heat Flux Data

INT-RN-168: Comparison of Spruce Budworm Population Estimates Between Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon

INT-RN-167: Performance Requirements for Airborne Infrared Forest Fire Surveillance Equipment

INT-RN-166: Modifications and Test Procedures for the Stockstad-Lory Ignition Furnace

INT-RN-165: Estimation of Survival and Growth Potentials of Nursery Stock by Using a 'Variable-Moisture-Stress-Plot' Technique

INT-RN-164: Establishment of Agathis Pumila (RATZ.) for Control of Larch Casebearer, and Notes on Native Parasitism and Predation in Idaho

INT-RN-163: Soil Water Distribution on a Contour-Trenched Area

INT-RN-162: Abundance of Arthropods Inhabiting Duff and Soil After Prescribed Burning on Forest Clearcuts in Northern Idaho

INT-RN-161: Effects of Removing Pole-Blighted Western White Pine Trees on Growth and Development of a Mixed Conifer Stand

INT-RN-160: Utilization of Lodgepole Pine Logging Residues in Wyoming Increases Fiber Yield

INT-RN-159: Responses in a Western White Pine Stand to Commercial Thinning Methods

INT-RN-158: Stem Deformities in Young Trees Caused by Snowpack and its Movement

INT-RN-157: Station Publications in Forest Genetics and Related Fields

INT-RN-156: Preliminary Annotated List of Diseases of Shrubs on Western Game Ranges

INT-RN-155: Preliminary List of Insects and Mites that Infest Some Important Browse Plants of Western Big Game

INT-RN-154: Fiberglass Cage for Rearing Bark Beetles in Small Log Sections

INT-RN-153: Chilling Requirements for Breaking Dormancy of Western White Pine Seedlings

INT-RN-152: Site Index for Lodgepole Pine - A Poor Indicator of Site Productivity for Herbaceous Plants

INT-RN-151: Does the Mountain Pine Beetle Change Hosts in Mixed Lodgepole and Whitebark Pine Stands?

INT-RN-150: Cubic-Foot Stand Volume Equation for Lodgepole Pine in Montana and Idaho

INT-RN-149: Germination Inhibition in Seed of Ceanothus Prostratus Benth.

INT-RN-148: Hand Preparation of Seedbeds Improves Spot Seeding of Lodgepole Pine in Wyoming

INT-RN-147: Relative Abundance of Mice on Seeded Sagebrush-Grass Range in Relation to Grazing

INT-RN-146: Field Levels of Infection of Progenies of Western White Pines Selected for Blister Rust Resistance

INT-RN-145: Forest Road Standards as Related to Economics and the Environment

INT-RN-144: Suitability of Ceanothus Prostratus Benth. for the Revegetation of Harsh Sites

INT-RN-143: Rainfall Interception in a Dense Utah Aspen Clone

INT-RN-142: Construction and Operation of a Compact Fine-Wire Psychrometer

INT-RN-141: Quick Reference for Comparing Rail Freight Costs of Softwood Lumber Items

INT-RN-140: Bark Residues in Western Montana

INT-RN-139: Pyrolytic Effect of Treating Cottonwood with Plant Ash

INT-RN-138: Retardant Salt Concentration Measured in the Field

INT-RN-137: Pump-Manometer for Ground Water Studies

INT-RN-136: Estimates of Timber Products Output and Plant Residues, Wyoming and Western South Dakota, 1969

INT-RN-135: Estimates of Timber Products Output and Plant Residues, Utah and Nevada, 1969

INT-RN-134: Estimates of Timber Products Output and Plant Residues, New Mexico, 1969

INT-RN-133: Estimates of Timber Products Output and Plant Residues, Montana, 1969

INT-RN-132: Estimates of Timber Products Output and Plant Residues, Idaho, 1969

INT-RN-131: Estimates of Timber Products Output and Plant Residues, Colorado, 1969

INT-RN-130: Estimates of Timber Products Output and Plant Residues, Arizona, 1969

INT-RN-129: Economics and Management Implications of Campground Irrigation - A Case Study

INT-RN-128: Controlled Felling of Large Trees to Prevent Breakage

INT-RN-127: Soil Freezing Determined with Four Types of Water-Filled Tubes

INT-RN-126: Pinus contorta X banksiana hybrids tested in northern Rocky Mountains

INT-RN-125: Planting Method Affects Height Growth of Ponderosa Pine in Central Idaho

INT-RN-124: Resistance to Cronartium Ribicola in Pinus Monticola: Early Shedding of Infected Needles

INT-RN-123: Height growth in western white pine progenies

INT-RN-122: Construction of a Fine Fuel Ignition Furnace

INT-RN-121: Prediction of Herbage Yields of Tall Bluebell and White Polemonium From Height of and Number of Stems

INT-RN-120: Some Variation of Terpenes in Montana Lodgepole Pine

INT-RN-119: Shade Increases First-Year Survival of Douglas-Fir Seedlings

INT-RN-118: Northern Idaho ponderosa racial variation study - 50-year results

INT-RN-117: Predicting the Durability of Forest Recreation Sites in Northern Utah - Preliminary Results

INT-RN-116: Techniques for Sectioning and Staining Tissue Cultures of Western White Pine

INT-RN-115: Infiltration in Contour Trenches in the Sierra Nevada

INT-RN-114: Effects of Dicamba and Picloram on Some Northern Idaho Shrubs and Trees

INT-RN-113: Fertilizing to Improve Elk Winter Range in Montana

INT-RN-112: Portable Debarking and Chipping Machines Can Improve Forestry Practices

INT-RN-111: Germination and Emergence of Three Mountain Range Grasses as Influenced by Controlled Temperatures and Depths of Plantings

INT-RN-110: System to Automatically Regulate Drying Oven Temperatures

INT-RN-109: Device for Recording Specimen Weights

INT-RN-108: Do Contour Trenches Reduce Wet-Mantle Flood Peaks?

INT-RN-107: Test of an Equation for Predicting Bark Thickness of Western Montana Species

INT-RN-106: Insects Affecting Western White Pine Following Direct Seeding in Northern Idaho

INT-RN-105: Trial Results of Net Count Procedures for Estimating Visitor Use at Developed Recreation Sites

INT-RN-104: Converting Gambel Oak Sites to Grass Reduces Soil-Moisture Depletion

INT-RN-103: Infiltration and Soil Erosion on Coolwater Ridge, Idaho

INT-RN-102: Foliage Dry Matter of Pinus Monticola; Its Variability with Environment and Blister Rust Resistance

INT-RN-101: Effect of Rooting Mediums and Hormone Application on Rooting of Western White Pine Needle Fasciles

INT-RN-100: Efficiency of Three Data-Gathering Methods for Study of Log-Making Activities

INT-RN-99: Use of Saran Shade Cloth in Greenhouse to Improve Summer Seedling Growth of Five Mountain Range grasses and Forbs

INT-RN-98: Computing Procedure for Grand Fir Site Evaluation and Productivity Estimation

INT-RN-97: Porosity of Cheatgrass Fuel Related to Weight

INT-RN-96: Mountain Pine Beetle Emergency in Relation to Depth of Lodgepole Pine Bark

INT-RN-95: Mountain pine beetle infestations in relation to lodgepole pine diameters

INT-RN-94: Identifying Weather Suitable for Prescribed Burning

INT-RN-93: Seedbed Treatments Influence Seedling Development in Western Larch Forests

INT-RN-92: Effect of Reduced Extractive Content on the Burning Rate of Aspen Leaves

INT-RN-91: Revised Marsh Funnel Table for Measuring Viscosity of Fire Retardants

INT-RN-90: Tree-Bole Ignition in Superimposed Lightning Scars

INT-RN-89: Aspen sprout production and water use

INT-RN-88: An Instance of Lightning Damage and Infestation of Ponderosa Pines by the Pine Engraver Beetle in Montana

INT-RN-87: Hygrothermoaerograph - Construction and Fire Management Applications

INT-RN-86: Aberrant Cones in Western White Pine

INT-RN-85: Natural Regeneration of Douglas-Fir in Central Montana

INT-RN-84: Mineral Content and Pyrolysis of Selected Plant Materials

INT-RN-83: Factors That Affect Choice of Shelving Materials in Single-Family Homes

INT-RN-82: Development of a Torsional Dynamometer

INT-RN-81: Western White Pine Cones Pollinated with 1- to 3-Year-Old Pollens Give Good Seed Yields

INT-RN-80: Rooting of needle fascicles from western white pine seedlings

INT-RN-79: Computer Programs for Weighting Length-of-Stay and Other Visitor Characteristics

INT-RN-78: Properties of Soil Under Aspen and Herb-Shrub Cover

INT-RN-77: A tree-by-tree measure of site utilization for grand fir related to stand density index

INT-RN-76: Cable and Clamp Modifications for Model 104 Moisture Probes

INT-RN-75: New Herbicide Kills Ninebark

INT-RN-74: Soil Moisture Depletion by Gambel Oak in Central Utah

INT-RN-73: Soil Moisture Depletion by Aspen in Central Utah

INT-RN-72: Inhibitors of Germination and Growth From Red Elderberry: A Laboratory Evaluation

INT-RN-71: A system for automatically recording weight changes in sapling trees

INT-RN-70: Effect of Thinning on the Specific Gravity of Western Larch Crop Trees

INT-RN-69: Eleven-Year Results of Strip-Thinning by Bulldozer in Thirty-Year-Old Lodgepole Pine

INT-RN-68: Documentation of Lightning Discharges and Resultant Forest Fires

INT-RN-67: Influence of Growth Media, Temperatures, and Light Intensities on Aspen Root and Top Growth

INT-RN-66: Effect of Partial Cutting in Overmature Lodgepole Pine

INT-RN-65: Market Trends for Western White Pine

INT-RN-64: Insolation Limits Initial Establishment of Western Larch Seedlings

INT-RN-63: Tree Characteristics Influence 2 x 4 Stud Yield of Lodgepole Pine

INT-RN-62: Distribution of Bark Beetle Attacks on Ponderosa Pine Trees in Montana

INT-RN-61: Effect of Exposure and Logging on Runoff and Erosion

INT-RN-60: Economical and Reliable Estimates of General Combining Ability for Blister Rust Resistance Obtained with mixed-Pollen Crosses

INT-RN-59: Productivity Indicators in Western Larch Forests

INT-RN-58: Maturity Indices for Grand Fir Cones

INT-RN-57: Early performance of Pinus contorta x banksiana hybrids

INT-RN-56: Thinning and Fertilizing Increase Growth in a Western White Pine Seed Production Area

INT-RN-55: Herbicides Fail to Insure Success of a Brushfield Prescribed Burn

INT-RN-54: Soil Moisture Depletion by Gambel Oak in Northern Utah

INT-RN-53: Performance of 14-Year-Old Pinus Ponderosa Hybrids in Western Montana

INT-RN-52: Development of Ponderosa Pine Progeny in Western Montana

INT-RN-51: Some Causes of Natural Tree Mortality in Old-Growth Ponderosa Pine Stands in Western Montana

INT-RN-50: Growth Opportunities for Young Western Larch

INT-RN-49: A procedure for forecasting western larch seed crops

INT-RN-48: Bibliography of Publications by the Intermountain Forest and Range Experiment Station on the Genetics and Breeding of Forest Trees, 1921-1965

INT-RN-47: Diameter Growth of Western White Pine Following Precommercial Thinning

INT-RN-46: Effect of Pine Butterfly Defoliation on Ponderosa Pine in Southern Idaho

INT-RN-45: Controlling Soil Movement from Steep Road Fills

INT-RN-44: Evaluating growth performance of young stands

INT-RN-43: Snow loads on roofs in areas of heavy snowfall

INT-RN-42: Site Index Curves for Engelmann Spruce in the Northern and Central Rocky Mountains

INT-RN-41: Fire Retardant Viscosity Measured by Modified Marsh Funnel

INT-RN-40: Strain Gage Differential Weighing System

INT-RN-39: Characteristics of Backfires and Headfires in a Pine Needle Fuel Bed

INT-RN-38: Export of Christmas Trees from Montana in 1964

INT-RN-37: Low Airspeed Differential Pressure Integrating System

INT-RN-36: Preparing Reproducible Pine Needle Fuel Beds

INT-RN-35: Natural Establishment of Ponderosa Pine in Central Idaho

INT-RN-34: Intermountain Precipitation Storage Gage

INT-RN-33: Arizona's Forest Area and Timber Volume

INT-RN-32: New Mexico's Forest Area and Timber Volume

INT-RN-31: Thermocouples for forest fire research

INT-RN-30: Effect of Water on the Concentration of Cycloheximide in Fuel Oil

INT-RN-29: Initial Germination and Survival of Lodgepole Pine on Prepared Seedbeds

INT-RN-28: Probable Return Periods of Rainstorms in Central Idaho

INT-RN-27: Utah's Forest Area and Timber Volume

INT-RN-26: Estimating Slope Percent for Land Management from Aerial Photos

INT-RN-25: Learning to Estimate Stand Volume from Aerial Photos

INT-RN-24: Montana Christmas Tree Exports Reach Lowest Level Since Survey was Begun in 1942

INT-RN-23: Two Aerial Photo Basal Area Tables

INT-RN-22: Self- and Cross-Pollination of Western White Pine: A Comparison of Height Growth of Progeny

INT-RN-21: Field Correlation of Two Neutron-Scattering Soil Moisture Meters

INT-RN-20: Forest Area and Timber Volume in Western South Dakota

INT-RN-19: Calculating the National Fire-Danger Rating Spread Index by Computer

INT-RN-18: Development of Young Western White Pine Plantations

INT-RN-17: Regenerating Lodgepole Pine in Central Montana Following Clear Cutting

INT-RN-16: Regeneration of Lodgepole Pine: A Study of Slash Disposal and Cone Opening

INT-RN-15: What Do You Mean, 'Site Preparation'?

INT-RN-14: Dwarf mistletoe Survey in Western Montana

INT-RN-13: Fuel moisture - a guide for evaluating severity of fire seasons

INT-RN-12: Conversion Tables for Use with the National Fire-Danger Rating System in the Intermountain Area

INT-RN-11: Flow Meter for Measuring Ground Water Seepage from Road Cuts

INT-RN-10: Colorado's Forest Area and Timber Volume

INT-RN-9: Commercial Pole Production in the Northern Rocky Mountain Area in 1962

INT-RN-8: Insect Damage in Grand Fir Cones

INT-RN-7: Montana Christmas Tree Exports Decline for Third Straight Year

INT-RN-6: Composite Aerial Volume Tables for Conifer Stands in the Mountain States

INT-RN-5: Accuracy of Ground Point Location from Aerial Photographs

INT-RN-4: Why Not Use Blueprints?

INT-RN-3: Cultural Treatments Stimulate Growth of Western White Pine Seedlings

INT-RN-2: Laboratory Methods for Determining the Downward Movement of Seed on Road Fills

INT-RN-1: Effect of Severe Rainstorms on Insloped and Outslopes Roads

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