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INT General Technical Reports (INT-GTR)

Publications from the former Intermountain Research Station (INT) (1963-1997). Listed in descending order by publication number. Only titles with links are currently available online with more titles always being added.

INT-GTR-373: Proceedings: Forest Vegetation Simulator Conference

INT-GTR-372: Proceedings: Using Seeds of Native Species on Rangelands

INT-GTR-371: Proceedings - Limits of Acceptable Change and related planning processes: progress and future directions

INT-GTR-370: Fire episodes in the Inland Northwest (1540-1940) based on fire history data

INT-GTR-369: Ecological units of the Northern Region: Subsections

INT-GTR-368: Landcover Ground Sample Data (CD ROM)

INT-GTR-367: FIRES: Fire Information Retrieval and Evaluation System - a Program for Fire Danger Rating Analysis

INT-GTR-366: User's Guide to PCDANGER: National Fire Danger Rating System for Personal Computers

INT-GTR-365: Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) Forest Applications

INT-GTR-364: Vegetation Structure in Old-Growth Stands in the Coram Research Natural Area in Northwestern Montana

INT-GTR-363: Fire ecology of the forest habitat types of northern Idaho

INT-GTR-362: Plant community classification for alpine vegetation on the Beaverhead National Forest, Montana

INT-GTR-361: NDVI and Derived Image Data: Data Archives 1996 CD-ROM

INT-GTR-360: NDVI and Derived Image Data: Data Archives 1995 CD-ROM

INT-GTR-359: NDVI and Derived Image Data: Data Archives 1994 CD-ROM

INT-GTR-358: NDVI and Derived Image Data: Data Archives 1993 CD-ROM

INT-GTR-357: NDVI and Derived Image Data: Data Archives 1992 CD-ROM

INT-GTR-356: NDVI and Derived Image Data: Data Archives 1991 CD-ROM

INT-GTR-355: NDVI and Derived Image Data: Data Archives 1990 CD-ROM

INT-GTR-354: NDVI and Derived Image Data: Data Archives 1989 CD-ROM

INT-GTR-353: Vegetation Greenness and Fire Danger Images: Image Archives Greenness 1989-1996; Fire Danger 1996 CD-ROM

INT-GTR-352: Vegetation Monitoring: an Annotated Bibliography

INT-GTR-351: Wildfire case study: Butte City Fire, southeastern Idaho, July 1, 1994

INT-GTR-350: Using IMPLAN to Identify Rural Development Opportunities

INT-GTR-349: Using Lightning Location in the Wildland Fire Assessment System

INT-GTR-348: Timber Sale Planning and Analysis System: A Guide to the TSPAS Express Program

INT-GTR-347: Soil Survey - Desert Experimental Range, Utah

INT-GTR-346: R1/R4 (Northern/Intermountain Regions) fish and fish habitat standard inventory procedures handbook

INT-GTR-345: Spatially Linking Basinwide Sream Inventories to Arcs Representing Streams in a Geographic Information System

INT-GTR-344: First Order Fire Effects Model: FOFEM 4.0, user's guide

INT-GTR-343: Sharing Common Ground on Western Rangelands: Proceedings of a Livestock/Big Game Symposium

INT-GTR-342: Lodgepole Pine Commercial Forests: an essay comparing The Natural Cycle of Insect Kill and Subsequent Wildfire with Management for Utilization and Wildlife

INT-GTR-341: The Use of Fire in Forest Restoration

INT-GTR-340: Simulating Coarse-Scale Vegetation Dynamics Using The Columbia River Basin Succession Model - CRBSUM

INT-GTR-339: Idaho forestry best management practices: compilation of research on their effectiveness

INT-GTR-338: Proceedings: shrubland ecosystem dynamics in a changing environment

INT-GTR-337: Classification of Grand Fir Mosaic Habitats

INT-GTR-336: Disturbance ecology and forest management: A review of the literature

INT-GTR-335: Models for fire-driven heat and moisture transport in soils

INT-GTR-334: Experimental forests, ranges, and watersheds in the Northern Rocky Mountains: a compendium of outdoor laboratories in Utah, Idaho, and Montana

INT-GTR-333: Using NDVI to assess departure from average greenness and its relation to fire business

INT-GTR-332: Stand hazard rating for Central Idaho forests

INT-GTR-331: Major Douglas-fir Habitat Types of Central Idaho: A summary of Succession and Management

INT-GTR-330: Economic Indicator Maps for Rural Development in the Interior West

INT-GTR-329: Economic Indicator Maps for Rural Development in the East

INT-GTR-328: Economic Indicator Maps for Rural Development in the Pacific West

INT-GTR-327: Fire Effects Information System: User's Guide

INT-GTR-326: A guide to soil samplng and analysis on the National Forests of the Inland Northwest United States

INT-GTR-325: Timber Sale Planning and Analysis System: A User's Guide to the TSPAS Default Database Program

INT-GTR-324: Determining Individual Tree Shade Length: A Guide for Silviculturists

INT-GTR-323: Linking Tourism, the Environment, and Sustainability

INT-GTR-322: User's guide to fish habitat: descriptions that represent natural conditions in the Salmon River Basin, Idaho

INT-GTR-321: Timber Sale Planning and Analysis System: A User's Guide to the TSPAS Sale Program

INT-GTR-320: Proceedings - Symposium on Fire in Wilderness and Park Management

INT-GTR-319: Ecology and Management of Larix Forests: A Look Ahead. Proceedings of an International Symposium

INT-GTR-318: Application of Semiochemicals for Management of Bark Beetle Infestations - Proceedings of an Informal Conference

INT-GTR-317: Westwide Forest Inventory Data Base: User's Manual

INT-GTR-316: Desert tortoise (Gopherus agassizii): status-of-knowledge outline with references

INT-GTR-315: Proceedings: Wildland Shrub and Arid Land Restoration Symposium

INT-GTR-314: PLUMP: a Plume Predictor and Cloud Model for Fire Managers

INT-GTR-313: Proceedings-ecology and management of annual rangelands; 1992 May 18-21; Boise, ID

INT-GTR-312: User's Guide to INVEST V: A Computer Program for Economic Analysis of Forestry Investment Opportunities

INT-GTR-311: Northern/Intermountain Regions' fish habitat inventory: grazed, rested, and ungrazed reference stream reaches, Silver King Creek, California

INT-GTR-310: Uses and abuses of multipliers in the stand prognosis model

INT-GTR-309: Proceedings - International Workshop on Subalpine Stone Pines and Their Environment: the Status of Our Knowledge

INT-GTR-308: A photographic utilization guide for key riparian graminoids

INT-GTR-307: Underwater methods for study of salmonids in the Intermountain West

INT-GTR-306: Field guide to lntermountain rushes

INT-GTR-305: Douglas-fir/White Spriea Habitat type in Central Idaho: Succession and Management

INT-GTR-304: Fire growth maps for the 1988 Greater Yellowstone Area Fires

INT-GTR-303: Elk management in the Northern Region: considerations in forest plan updates or revisions

INT-GTR-302: Demographic and habitat requirements for conservation of bull trout

INT-GTR-301: Packstock in wilderness: Use, impacts, monitoring, and management

INT-GTR-300: Fish habitat conditions: using the Northern/Intermountain Regions' inventory procedures for detecting differences on two differently managed watersheds

INT-GTR-299: Mann Gulch fire: a race that couldn't be won

INT-GTR-298: Douglas-fir/Pinegrass Habitat Type in Central Idaho: Succession and Management.

INT-GTR-297: Monitoring vegetation greenness with satellite data

INT-GTR-296: Guide to Computer Analytical Tools for Implementing National Forest Plans

INT-GTR-295: Wilderness Visitor Education: Information About Alternative Techniques

INT-GTR-294: Forest Structure and Landscape Patterns in the Subalpine Lodgepole Pine Type: A Procedure for Quantifying Past and Present Conditions

INT-GTR-293: Vegetation, Nesting Bird, and Small Mammal Characteristics - Wet Creek, Idaho

INT-GTR-292: Idaho's Rare Vascular Flora: Bibliography, 1896-1991

INT-GTR-291: Getting to the future through silviculture-workshop proceedings; 1991 May 6-9; Cedar City, UT

INT-GTR-290: Fire Ecology of the Forest Habitat Types of Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming

INT-GTR-289: Proceedings - Symposium on Ecology and Management of Riparian Shrub Communities

INT-GTR-288: Partial Glossary of Elk Management Terms

INT-GTR-287: Fire ecology of forests and woodlands in Utah

INT-GTR-286: Constructing and testing Logistic Regression Models for Binary Data: Applications to the national Fire Danger Rating System

INT-GTR-285: Level I Stability Analysis (LISA) Documentation for Version 2.0

INT-GTR-284: Grand Fir/Mountain Maple Habitat Type in Central Idaho: Succession and Management

INT-GTR-283: Western Spruce Budworm Dynamics Model: Version 3.1 Update and Notes on Behavior

INT-GTR-282: Foliage Dynamics and Tree Damage components of the Western Spruce Budworm Modeling System

INT-GTR-281: User's Guide to the Parallel Processing Extension of the Prognosis Model

INT-GTR-280: Proceedings-management and productivity of western-montane forest soils

INT-GTR-279: User's Guide to Version 2 of The Regeneration Establishment Model: Part of The Prognosis Model
Replaces General Technical Report INT-GTR-161

INT-GTR-278: Assessment of COWFISH for predicting trout populations in grazed watersheds of the Intermountain West

INT-GTR-277: Vascular plants of west-central Montana-identification guidebook

INT-GTR-276: Proceedings-symposium on cheatgrass invasion, shrub die-off, and other aspects of shrub biology and management; 1989 April 5-7; Las Vegas, NV

INT-GTR-275: User's guide to the Event Monitor: Part of Prognosis Model Version

INT-GTR-274: User's guide to the western spruce budworm modeling system

INT-GTR-273: RXWINDOW: Defining Windows of Acceptable Burning Conditions Based on Desired Fire Behavior

INT-GTR-272: Streamflow Data for Undisturbed, Forested Watersheds in Central Idaho

INT-GTR-271: A standardized data structure for describing and exchanging data from remeasured growth and yield plots

INT-GTR-270: Proceedings-symposium on whitebark pine ecosystems: Ecology and management of a high-mountain resource; 1989 March 29-31; Bozeman, MT

INT-GTR-269: Programmer's Guide to the Prognosis Optimization Model

INT-GTR-268: Developing Air Tanker Performance Guidelines

INT-GTR-267: User's Manual for Western Root Disease Model

INT-GTR-266: FIRESUM - An Ecological Process Model for Fire Succession in Western Conifer Forests

INT-GTR-265: Low-impact recreational practices for wilderness and backcountry

INT-GTR-264: Reduction of Soil Erosion on Forest Roads

INT-GTR-263: Managing grazing of riparian areas in the lntermountain Region

INT-GTR-262: Proceedings - Symposium on the Management of Lodgepole Pine to Minimize Losses to the Mountain Pine Beetle

INT-GTR-261: White pine blister rust in northern ldaho and western Montana: alternatives for integrated management

INT-GTR-260: BEHAVE: fire behavior prediction and fuel modeling system - BURN subsystem, Part 2

INT-GTR-259: Wilderness campsite monitoring methods: A sourcebook

INT-GTR-258: Proposed Wood Products Plant to Utilize Sub-Sawlog Size and Dead Lodgepole Pine in Northwestern Montana - A Technical and Economic Feasibility Analysis

INT-GTR-257: Proceedings - Land Classifications Based on Vegetation: Applications for Resource Management

INT-GTR-256: Proceedings - Symposium on Shrub Ecophysiology and Biotechnology

INT-GTR-255: Estimating Commercial Product Potential in Small-Stem Lodgepole Pine: Methods, Products, Values

INT-GTR-254: Microcomputer Software System for Generating Population Statistics From Electro Fishing Data - User's Guide for MicroFish

INT-GTR-253: Silvics of whitebark pine (Pinus albicaulis)

INT-GTR-252: Douglas-fir/Ninebark Habitat Type in Central Idaho: Succession and Management

INT-GTR-251: Protecting People and Homes From Wildfire in the Interior West: Proceedings of the Symposium and Workshop

INT-GTR-250: Aspen community types of the Intermountain Region

INT-GTR-249: Management of Pinyon-Juniper Woodlands

INT-GTR-248: Index to Information Insects Associated With Western Wildland Shrubs

INT-GTR-247: A data structure for describing sampling designs to aid in compilation of stand attributes

INT-GTR-246: Atlas of 28 Selected Commercial Forest Areas With Unutilized Stands of Lodgepole Pine

INT-GTR-245: Fire Retardant-Caused Corrosion A 1986 Field Reassessment

INT-GTR-244: Increment-borer methods for determining fire history in coniferous forests

INT-GTR-243: Proceedings - Future Forests of the Mountain West: A Stand Culture Symposium

INT-GTR-242: Beaver in Western North America: An Annotated Bibliography, 1966 to 1986

INT-GTR-241: Density and Biomass of Trout and Char in Western Streams

INT-GTR-240: Climate of the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness, central Idaho

INT-GTR-239: Fire Response of Shrubs of Dry Forest Habitat Types in Montana and Idaho

INT-GTR-238: Concepts and interpreted examples in advanced fuel modeling

INT-GTR-237: Management of Small-Stem Stands of Lodgepole Pine - Workshop Proceedings

INT-GTR-236: Forest habitat types of Northern Idaho: A second approximation

INT-GTR-235: An annotated bibliography of the hydrology and fishery studies of the South Fork Salmon River

INT-GTR-234: Utilizing wood Residue for Energy Generation in Northwestern Montana: A Feasibility Assessment

INT-GTR-233: Guide to understory burning in ponderosa pine-larch-fir forests in the Intermountain West

INT-GTR-232: Western White Pine: An Annotated Bibliography

INT-GTR-231: Guidelines for prescribed burning sagebrush-grass rangelands in the northern Great Basin

INT-GTR-230: Managing wilderness recreation use: common problems and potential solutions

INT-GTR-229: Ranking Thinning Potential of Lodgepole Pine Stands

INT-GTR-228: Grand Fir/Blue Huckleberry Habitat Type in Central Idaho: Succession and Management

INT-GTR-227: Gross Characteristics of Lodgepole Pine Trees in North America

INT-GTR-226: Climate of the Deception Creek Experimental Forest, Northern Idaho

INT-GTR-225: Decaying organic materials and soil quality in the Inland Northwest: A management opportunity

INT-GTR-224: An Economic Evaluation of the Oak Creek Range Management Area, Utah

INT-GTR-223: Fire ecology of western Montana forest habitat types

INT-GTR-222: Proceedings - Symposium on Plant-Herbivore Interactions

INT-GTR-221: Methods for Evaluating Riparian Habitats With Applications to Management

INT-GTR-220: Proceedings - National Wilderness Research Conference: Issues, State-of-knowledge, Future Directions

INT-GTR-219: Plants of the Seven Devils Mountains of Idaho - An Annotated Checklist

INT-GTR-218: Fire ecology of the forest habitat types of central Idaho

INT-GTR-217: Plants of West-Central Montana - Identification and Ecology: Annotated Checklist

INT-GTR-216: Range and Ranch Economics Bibliography: 1968-85

INT-GTR-215: Proceedings - pinyon-juniper conference; 1986 January 13-16; Reno, NV

INT-GTR-214: Genesis of Forplan: A Historical and Analytical Review of Forest Service Planning Models

INT-GTR-213: Sediment Rating Equations: An Evaluation for Streams in the Idaho Batholith

INT-GTR-212: Proceedings - National Wilderness Research Conference: Current Research

INT-GTR-211: User's Guide To CHEAP0 II-Economic Analysis of Stand Prognosis Model Outputs

INT-GTR-210: Guidelines for Preventing Fire Retardant Corrosion

INT-GTR-209: Vascular Plants of the Desert Experimental Range, Millard County, Utah

INT-GTR-208: Supplement to The User's Guide for The Stand Prognosis Model-version 5.0

INT-GTR-207: Proceedings - Grizzly Bear Habitat Symposium

INT-GTR-206: Post-1900 mule deer irruptions in the Intermountain West: Principal cause and influences

INT-GTR-205: Appraising fuels and flammability in western aspen: a prescribed fire guide

INT-GTR-204: A climatic handbook for Glacier National Park-with data for Waterton Lakes National Park

INT-GTR-203: Proceedings - Conifer Tree Seed in the Inland Mountain West Symposium

INT-GTR-202: Fire Behavior Computations with the Hewlett-Packard HP-71B Calculator

INT-GTR-201: Determining Fire Retardant Quality in the Field

INT-GTR-200: Proceedings - Symposium on the Biology of Artemisia and Chryothamnus Provo, Utah, July 9-13, 1984

INT-GTR-199: Fire Danger Computations with the Hewlett-Packard HP-71B Calculator

INT-GTR-198: Prescribed fire opportunities in grasslands invaded by Douglas-fir: state-of-the-art guidelines

INT-GTR-197: First Decade Plant Succession Following the Sundance Forest Fire, Northern Idaho

INT-GTR-196: User's guide to the Event Monitor: An addition to the Prognosis Model

INT-GTR-195: Herbicides for Forest Weed Control in the Inland Northwest: A Summary of Effects on Weeds and Conifers

INT-GTR-194: BEHAVE: fire behavior prediction and fuel modeling system-BURN Subsystem, part 1

INT-GTR-193: Proceedings - Growth and Yield and Other Mensurational Tricks: A Regional Technical Conference

INT-GTR-192: Proceedings - Workshop on Engineering and Hydrology Research Needs for Phosphate Mined Lands of Idaho

INT-GTR-191: Wildlife Management Implications of Petroleum Exploration and Development in Wildland Environments

INT-GTR-190: COVER: A User's Guide to The CANOPY and SHRUBS Extension of the Stand Prognosis Model

INT-GTR-189: Data Base for Early Postfire Succession on the Sundance Burn, Northern Idaho

INT-GTR-188: Mountain Pine Beetle Dynamics in Lodgepole Pine Forests Part III: Sampling and Modeling of Mountain Pine Beetle Populations

INT-GTR-187: Coniferous forest habitat types of central and southern Utah

INT-GTR-186: Fire's effects on wildlife habitat - symposium proceedings; 1984 March 21; Missoula, MT

INT-GTR-185: Proceedings - Western Forest Nursery Council-Intermountain Nurseryman's Association

INT-GTR-184: Proceedings--symposium on recreation choice behavior

INT-GTR-183: Below-Cost Timber Sales: Analysis of a Forest Policy Issue

INT-GTR-182: Proceedings - Symposium and Workshop on Wilderness Fire

INT-GTR-181: Chemical Analysis Procedures for Forest Fire Retardant Constituents

INT-GTR-180: Field guide to forest plants of northern Idaho

INT-GTR-179: Biology and Management of the Gambel Oak Vegetative Type: A Literature Review

INT-GTR-178: An Application of Discrete Optimization for Developing Economically Efficient Multiple-use Projects

INT-GTR-177: Forest succession on four habitat types in western Montana

INT-GTR-176: Limits of Acceptable Change (LAC) System for Wilderness Planning

INT-GTR-175: Managing Intermountain Rangelands - Research on the Benmore Experimental Range, 1940-84

INT-GTR-174: Integrating management strategies for the mountain pine beetle with multiple-resource management of lodgepole pine forests

INT-GTR-173: Research Natural Areas: Baseline Monitoring and Management

INT-GTR-172: Proceedings - Symposium on the Biology of Atriplex and Related Chenopods

INT-GTR-171: Wilderness fire management planning guide

INT-GTR-170: Coniferous Forest Habitat Types of Northern Utah

INT-GTR-169: The 1978 National Fire-Danger Rating System: technical documentation

INT-GTR-168: Challenge of Producing Native Plants for the Intermountain Area - Proceedings: Intermountain Nurseryman's Association 1983 Conference; August 8-11, 1983, Las Vegas, Nevada

INT-GTR-167: BEHAVE: fire behavior prediction and fuel modeling system--FUEL subsystem

INT-GTR-166: Updating Bulldozer Fireline Production Rates

INT-GTR-165: Economic Considerations in Use and Management of Gambel Oak For Fuelwood

INT-GTR-164: Computer Programs for Summarizing Climatic Data Stored in the National Fire Weather Data library

INT-GTR-163: Managing lntermountain rangelands - salt-desert shrub ranges

INT-GTR-162: Streamflow Summaries from Twelve Tributaries of Farmington Creek, Davis County Experimental Watershed, Northern Utah

INT-GTR-161: User's Guide to the Regeneration Establishment Model - a Prognosis Model Extension

INT-GTR-160: Weather summaries for Coram Experimental Forest, northwestern Montana-an International Biosphere Reserve

INT-GTR-159: Climate of Priest River Experimental Forest, northern Idaho

INT-GTR-158: Fire and vegetative trends in the Northern Rockies: interpretations from 1871-1982 photographs

INT-GTR-157: Managing Intermountain rangelands - improvement of range and wildlife habitats: proceedings; 1981 September 15-17; Twin Falls, ID; 1982 June 22-24; Elko, NV

INT-GTR-156: Computer System for Testing Fire Management Prescriptions: Part 2-Computer Terminal Operator's Manual

INT-GTR-155: Computer System for Testing Fire Management Prescriptions: Part 1 - User's Manual

INT-GTR-154: Pocket Gophers in Forest Ecosystems

INT-GTR-153: Aspen succession in the Intermountain West: A deterministic model

INT-GTR-152: Proceedings-research and management of bitterbrush and cliffrose in Western North America

INT-GTR-151: Methods for Vegetation Sampling and Analysis on Revegetated Mined Lands

INT-GTR-150: Evaluating Proposed Improvements of Public Rangelands

INT-GTR-149: Proceedings - Range Economics Symposium and Workshop

INT-GTR-148: Summarizing Weather and Climatic Data - A Guide for Wildland Managers

INT-GTR-147: Management Decision Framework for Winnowing Simulated All-Aged Stand Prescriptions

INT-GTR-146: Blister Rust Resistant Western White Pine for the Inland Empire: The Story of the First 25 Years of the Research and Development Program

INT-GTR-145: Mountain Pine Beetle Dynamics in Lodgepole Pine Forests, Part II: Population Dynamics

INT-GTR-144: Forest habitat types of eastern Idaho-western Wyoming

INT-GTR-143: How to predict the spread and intensity of forest and range fires

INT-GTR-142: Field procedures for verification and adjustment of fire behavior predictions

INT-GTR-141: Fire ecology of Montana forest habitat types east of the Continental Divide

INT-GTR-140: Cavity-Nesting Bird Bibliography - Including Related Titles on Forest Snags, Fire, Insects, Disease, and Decay

INT-GTR-139: Canopy Development in Lodgepole Pine: Implications for Wildlife Studies and Multiple Resource Management

INT-GTR-138: Methods for evaluating stream, riparian, and biotic conditions

INT-GTR-137: Aerial Application of Douglas-fir Beetle Antiaggregative Pheromone: Equipment and Evaluation

INT-GTR-136: Understory-Overstory Vegetation Relationships: An Annotated Bibliography

INT-GTR-135: Managing Campfire Impacts in the Backcountry

INT-GTR-134: Managing lntermountain rangelands - sagebrush-grass ranges

INT-GTR-133: User's Guide to the Stand Prognosis Model

INT-GTR-132: Management Consequences of Alternative Harvesting and Residue Treatment Practices - Lodgepole Pine

INT-GTR-131: Charts for interpreting wildland fire behavior characteristics

INT-GTR-130: Seventy Years of Vegetative Change in a Managed Ponderosa Pine Forest in Western Montana - Implications for Resource Management

INT-GTR-129: Handbook for inventorying surface fuels and biomass in the Interior West

INT-GTR-128: Fire-Climate Zones of Coastal Alaska

INT-GTR-127: A user's guide to the combined stand prognosis and Douglas-fir tussock moth outbreak model

INT-GTR-126: Wildlife User Guide For Mining and Reclamation

INT-GTR-125: Dead Softwood Timber Resource and Its Utilization in the West

INT-GTR-124: How to Interpret Tree Mortality on Large-Scale Color Aerial Photographs

INT-GTR-123: Models to Estimate Revegetation Potentials of Land Surface Mined for Coal in the West

INT-GTR-122: Aids to determining fuel models for estimating fire behavior

INT-GTR-121: Impacts of Backcountry Recreation: Site Management and Rehabilitation - an Annotated Bibliography

INT-GTR-120: Seeding and Fertilizing to Improve High-Elevation Rangelands

INT-GTR-119: An Annotated Bibliography of Wind Velocity Literature Relating to Forest Fire Behavior Studies

INT-GTR-118: Estimating Production Rates and Operating Costs of Timber Harvesting Equipment in the Northern Rockies

INT-GTR-117: Downed Dead Woody Fuel and Biomass in the Northern Rocky Mountains

INT-GTR-116: Remote Automatic Weather Station for Resource and Fire Management Agencies

INT-GTR-115: Airborne Infrared Forest Fire Surveillance - A Chronology of USDA Forest Service Research and Development

INT-GTR-114: Forest habitat types of central Idaho

INT-GTR-113: Determining Airtanker Delivery Performance Using a Simple Slide Chart - Retardant Coverage Computer

INT-GTR-112: Evaluation of Megatard 2700: a Proposed New Fire Retardant System

INT-GTR-111: Modeling Seasonal Abundance of Douglas-fir Beetle in Relation to Entomphagous Insects and Location in Trees

INT-GTR-110: Harvesting and Utilization Opportunities for Forest Residues in the Northern Rocky Mountains, Sym. Proc., Nov., 1979, Missoula, MT

INT-GTR-109: Proceedings of Intermountain Nurseryman's Assoc. & Western Forest Nursery Assoc. comb. Meeting, Aug. 12-14, 1980, Boise, ID

INT-GTR-108: Fire Costs, Losses, and Benefits: An Economic Valuation Procedure

INT-GTR-107: Physiological Research on Adventitious Shoot Development in Aspen Roots

INT-GTR-106: Effects of Fire and Other Disturbances on Small Mammals and Their Predators: an Annotated Bibliography

INT-GTR-105: User's Manual: RID*POLY Geographic Information System

INT-GTR-104: Point and Line-Intersect Sampling in Pinyon-Juniper Woodlands

INT-GTR-103: Growing Colorado Plants From Seed: A State of the Art Volume I. Shrubs

INT-GTR-102: Computerized Bibliography of Selected Sagebrush Species (Genus Artemisia) in Western North America

INT-GTR-101: Effectiveness of Douglas-fir Beetle Antiaggregative Pheromone Applied by Helicopter

INT-GTR-100: Computer System for Scheduling Fire Use, Part II: Computer Terminal Operator's Manual

INT-GTR-99: Clearcutting and Fire in the Larch/Douglas-fir Forests of Western Montana - a Multifaceted Research Summary

INT-GTR-98: Photo guide for appraising downed woody fuels in Montana forests: lodgepole pine and Engelmann spruce - subalpine fir cover types

INT-GTR-97: Photo guide for appraising downed woody fuels in Montana forests: Interior ponderosa pine, ponderosa pine - larch - Douglas-fir, larch - Douglas-fir, and interior Douglas-fir cover types

INT-GTR-96: Photo guide for appraising downed woody fuels in Montana forests: Grand fir - larch - Douglas-fir, western hemlock, western redcedar - western hemlock, and western redcedar cover types

INT-GTR-95: Environment Effects of Surface Mining of Minerals Other than Coal: Annotated Bibliography and Summary Report

INT-GTR-94: Predicting Postfire Plant Succession for Fire Management Planning

INT-GTR-93: Measuring and Interpreting Fire Behavior for Correlation with Fire Effects

INT-GTR-92: Volume and weight characteristics of a typical Douglas-fir/ western larch stand, Coram Experimental Forest, Montana

INT-GTR-91: Computer System for Scheduling Fire Use, Part I: The System

INT-GTR-90: Environmental Consequences of Timber Harvesting in Rocky Mountain Coniferous Forests, Symposium Proceedings, Sept. 1979

INT-GTR-89: Mountain Pine Beetle Dynamics in Lodgepole Pine Forests, Part I: Course of an Infestation

INT-GTR-88: Bibliography of SEAM Publications

INT-GTR-87: Index to the Proceedings - Tall Timber Fire Ecology Conference, Vol. 1-15, 1962-1976

INT-GTR-86: Workshop proceedings: management of western forests and grasslands for nongame birds

INT-GTR-85: Role and Use of Fire in the Semidesert Grass-Shrub Type

INT-GTR-84: Impact of Backcountry Recreationists on Wildlife: An Annotated Bibliography

INT-GTR-83: Even-Aged Management: Basic Managerial Questions and Available or Potential Techniques for Answering Them

INT-GTR-82: User's Guide to AFFIRMS: Time-Share Computerized Processing for Fire Danger Rating

INT-GTR-81: Estimating Costs of Collecting and Transporting Forest Residues in the Northern Rocky Mountain Region

INT-GTR-80: Idaho's Forest Products Industry, 1973

INT-GTR-79: Fire Ecology of Lolo National Habitat Types

INT-GTR-78: Static Testing to Evaluate Airtanker Delivery Performance

INT-GTR-77: Fire Ecology and Prescribed Burning in the Great Plains - A Research Review

INT-GTR-76: Land Management - Fire Management Policies, Directives, and Guides in the National Forest System: A review and Commentary

INT-GTR-75: Genetic Variation in Southern Idaho Ponderosa Pine Progeny Tests After 11 Years

INT-GTR-74: User Guide to Hydrology - Mining and Reclamation in the West

INT-GTR-73: User's Guide to Sociology and Economics - Mining and Reclamation in the West

INT-GTR-72: Roadless Area - Intensive Management Trade-Offs on the Bridger-Teton and Lolo National Forest's

INT-GTR-71: Procedures Recommended for Overburden and Hydrologic Studies of Surface Mines - Thunder Basin Project

INT-GTR-70: User Guide to Engineering - Mining and Reclamation in the West

INT-GTR-69: Forest soil biology-timber harvesting relationships: a perspective

INT-GTR-68: User Guide to Soils - Mining and Reclamation in the West

INT-GTR-67: Water Quality in an Idaho Stream Degraded by Acid Mine Waters

INT-GTR-66: Grassland and shrubland habitat types of western Montana

INT-GTR-65: Role of Forest Fuels in the Biology and Management of Soil

INT-GTR-64: User Guide to Vegetation - Mining and Reclamation in the West

INT-GTR-63: Wildland Fire Research Needs in the West: Forest Service Manager's Views

INT-GTR-62: Data Base for Post-Fire Succession, First 6 to 9 Years, in Montana Larch-Fir Forests

INT-GTR-61: Fire Danger/Fire Behavior Computations with the Texas Instruments TI-59 Calculator: User's Manual

INT-GTR-60: Including the Fishery System in Land Planning

INT-GTR-59: Chronology and Characteristics of a Douglas-fir Beetle Outbreak in Northern Idaho

INT-GTR-58: Role and Use of Fire in Sagebrush-Grass and Pinyon-Juniper Plant Communities - a State-of-the-Art Review

INT-GTR-57: Guide to Reclaiming Small Tailings Ponds and Dumps

INT-GTR-56: Spot fire distance from burning trees - A predictive model

INT-GTR-55: Larch Casebearer in Western Larch Forests

INT-GTR-54: Recovery of snow-bent young western larch

INT-GTR-53: Application of economic techniques to fire management - A status review and evaluation

INT-GTR-52: An Annotated Bibliography of the Larch Casebearer (Coleophora laricella) [Hubner]

INT-GTR-51: Computer Program for Applying Ridge Regression Techniques to Multiple Linear Regression Techniques to Multiple Linear Regression

INT-GTR-50: Uneven-Aged Forest Management: State of the Art (or Science?)

INT-GTR-49: Proceedings of Fire Working Group Society of American Foresters - National Convention Albuquerque, NM, Oct. 4, 1977

INT-GTR-48: An Annotated Bibliography of the Douglas-fir Beetle (Dendroctonus pseudotsugae Hopkins)

INT-GTR-47: Measuring cross sections using a sag tape: a generalized procedure

INT-GTR-46: Planning and Evaluation Prescribed Fires - A Standard Procedure

INT-GTR-45: Graphic Aids for Field Calculation of Dead, Down Forest Fuels

INT-GTR-44: Vegetative Propagation of Rocky Mountain Aspen

INT-GTR-43: Planning and evaluating prescribed fires--a standard procedure

INT-GTR-42: A method for determining fire history in coniferous forests in the Mountain West

INT-GTR-41: Evaluation of Liquid Ammonium Polyphosphate Fire Retardants

INT-GTR-40: National Fire-Danger Rating System - 1978

INT-GTR-39: National Fire-Danger Rating System - 1978

INT-GTR-38: Intermountain Range plant names and symbols

INT-GTR-37: Handbook for predicting slash weight of western conifers

INT-GTR-36: Guidelines for Reducing Losses of Lodgepole Pine to the Mountain Pine Beetle in Unmanaged Stands in the Rocky Mountains

INT-GTR-35: Anatomy of a mine from prospect to production

INT-GTR-34: Forest habitat types of Montana

INT-GTR-33: Ponderosa Pine Bibliography III: 1971 through 1975

INT-GTR-32: Tables of Geometry for Low-Standard Roads for Watershed Management Considerations, Slope Staking, and End Areas

INT-GTR-31: Forest Fire Retardant research - A Status report

INT-GTR-30: Estimating wildfire behavior and effects

INT-GTR-29: Keys to Common Parasites and Predators of the Mountain Pine Beetle

INT-GTR-28: Intensive Fiber Utilization and Prescribed Fire: Effects on the Microbial Ecology of Forests

INT-GTR-27: Air Tanker Performance Guide: General Instruction Manual

INT-GTR-26: Portable Ocilloscope Technique for detecting Dormancy in Nursery Stock

INT-GTR-25: Time Study Techniques for Logging Systems Analysis

INT-GTR-24: An Attempt (and failure) to Correlate Duff Removal and Slash Fire Heat

INT-GTR-23: Computer Algorithm for Sorting Field Data on Fuel Depths

INT-GTR-22: Screen: A computer Program to Identify Predictors of Dichotomous Dependent Variables

INT-GTR-21: Outlook for Particleboard Manufacture in the Northern Rocky Mountain Region

INT-GTR-20: Outbreaks of the Western Spruce Budworm in the American Northern Rocky Mountain Area from 1922 through 1971

INT-GTR-19: Insects Affecting Important native shrubs of the Northwestern US

INT-GTR-18: Fire Ecology Questions Survey: Candid Expressions of Research Needs by Land Managers and Scientists in Western North America

INT-GTR-17: Snow Cache Seedling Storage: Successful Systems

INT-GTR-16: Handbook for Inventorying Downed Woody Material

INT-GTR-15: Optimum Refueling for Helicopter Logging: A Model

INT-GTR-14: Rehabilitation Potentials and Limitations of Surface-Mined Land in the Northern Great Plains

INT-GTR-13: Inventory of Slash Fuels Using 3P Subsampling

INT-GTR-12: Ponderosa Pine Bibliography II. 1966-1970

INT-GTR-11: Mapping of Habitat Types Throughout a National Forest***

INT-GTR-10: Using the Effective Heating Number as a Weighting Factor in Rothermel's Fire Spread Model

INT-GTR-9: Rothermel's Fire Spread Model Programmed for the Hewlett-Packard 9820

INT-GTR-8: An Annotated Bibliography of the Douglas-fir Beetle (Dendroctonus Pseudotsugae Hopkins)

INT-GTR-7: How does western spruce budworm feeding affect western larch?

INT-GTR-6: Meteorological Factors in the Sundance Fire Run

INT-GTR-5: Analysis of Construction and Initial Performance of the China Glenn Road, Warren District, Payette National Forest

INT-GTR-4: Research Related to the Davis County Experimental Watershed: An Annotated Bibliography

INT-GTR-3: Recreational Carrying Capacity: An Annotated Bibliography

INT-GTR-2: Practical Grain Size Fracturing Density, and Weathering Classification of Intrusive Rocks of the Idaho Batholith

INT-GTR-1: Wildland shrubs - their biology and utilization

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