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Gretchen Moisen - Techniques Research Team Leader

Gretchen Moisen

Interior West Forest Inventory and Analysis

Forestry Sciences Laboratory
507 25th Street
Ogden, UT 84401

(801) 625-5384


  • Ph.D Mathematical Sciences - Statistics, Utah State University, 2000
  • M.S. Statistics, Utah State University, 1990
  • B.S. Forestry, University of New Hampshire, 1982
Current Research

Members of the Techniques Research Team in IW-FIA and numerous collaborators are currently working to improve the quality, efficiency, and breadth of nationwide inventory and monitoring products. We are investigating a number of statistical methods to integrate remotely sensed information into inventory and monitoring estimation procedures. We are mapping and analyzing US forest disturbance history using historic landsat data. Coupled with that, we are developing methods to assign cause of disturbance to these landsat-based disturbance products, and analyzing temporal and spatial patterns caused by various disturbance agents. We are working to improve computational methods for broad scale species distribution and tree attribute modeling. In addition, we are studying the effects of projected climate change on distribution patterns of Western North America conifers. 




Past Research

Past research has also involved improving the quality, efficiency, and breadth of nationwide inventory and monitoring products. Previous projects enhancing FIA’s estimation processes include: improved stratification methods, extension into model-assisted estimation, and integration of large-scale photography into inventory processes. Previous mapping projects include: developing modeling methodologies for the 2011 NLCD tree canopy cover product, developing the first nationwide forest biomass map, comparing modeling methodologies, and improving modeling and validation methodologies for species distribution models. Past work related to forest disturbance includes: forest disturbance and regrowth analyses for the North American Carbon Program as well as for specific management issues, small area estimation for fires, and design of targeted disturbance sampling projects. Finally, past work has involved expanding applications for inventory information to wildlife habitat modeling.


Why This Research is Important

Working to improve the quality, efficiency, and breadth of nationwide inventory and monitoring products expands foundational information for a broad spectrum of scientific and managerial applications. By developing methods for sampling and integrating inventory data with remotely sensed information, we are improving the quality and efficiency of inventory analysis and reporting products. By developing and improving mapping tools, we are enabling the production of better maps of the diverse vegetation conditions across the country. By mapping and analyzing historic forest disturbance across the US, we are opening doors to many untold stories about how US forests are changing in response to natural and anthropogenic forces. Finally, by developing tools to broaden the scope of strategic vegetation inventory applications we are supporting land management planning and monitoring needs.



Most Significant Publications

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