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Uses of VCT & Products Tutorial
Launch Page

When you have finished with the program, you may return to the previous page using your browser's "Back" button.

The following are: 1) known issues that you might need to be aware of, 2) navigation help, 3) hyperlink help, and 4) Contact Information.

1) Known Issues

This tutorial uses popups. If you have popups blocked (for example through a Google toolbar), then all you will see is this screen (and not the online application). You must disable popup blocking to access the online interface. 

This application is designed for Internet Explorer versions 5 and above.  Internet Explorer versions preceding 5 may not open this application, or the application may behave in unexpected ways.  This application will not function with Mozzilla FireFox and NetScape browsers.

2) Navigation Help

There are two ways to navigate through this tutorial: 1) select a topic from the 'Menu' on the welcome page, or, 2) click the navigation arrows on the bottom of each tutorial page to get to a previous or subsequent page.  If the navigation buttons are not active, this indicates that there are no more pages to view in the direction of the arrow. 

3) Hyperlink Help

There are hyperlinks in this application, which are shown as color-highlighted text.  This typically indicates a text hyperlink (such as a definition or further explanation of a term) and are displayed as red text.  However, the red text can also direct you to another page in this application or to a separate web page. Simply click the red-colored text to activate the hyperlink. 


Clicking the PDF icon will call a PDF document which contains instructions for a given topic. PDFs in this tutorial were created with Adobe Acrobat Professional, v6.0. Adobe PDF Reader must be installed on your system to view these PDF documents. To obtain Adobe PDF Reader please go to:

When you move your mouse over either type of hyperlink, the mouse cursor will change from the standard arrow to a hand with an extended index finger.

4) Contact Information:

For general assistance:

The End User Support Center (EUSC): or (888)-426-3872 provides support to end users in the Forest Service.

For assistance regarding this online interface or content:

RSAC Main Office: (801) 975-3750

James Monty, RSAC, Remote Sensing Specialist, (801) 975-3843 or