Forest and Woodland Ecosystems Science Program
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  • Southwest Forest Science Complex
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Research – Applied Ecology


Scientists conducting research in this category include:

Battaglia, Mike A    Research Forester    970-498-1286
Bentz, Barbara J    Research Entomologist    435-755-3577
Crookston, Nicholas L    Operations Research Analyst    208-883-2317
Fornwalt, Paula J    Research Ecologist    970-498-2581
Fowler, James F    Research Ecologist    928-556-2172
Hudak, Andrew T    Research Forester    208-883-2327
Jain, T B    Research Forester    208-883-2331
Moser, W Keith    Research Forester    928-556-2046
Overby, Steven T    Soil Scientist    928-556-2184
Ryan, Michael G    Volunteer Research Ecologist    970-498-1012
Schoettle, Anna W    Research Plant Ecophysiologist    970-498-1333
Sieg, Carolyn H    Research Plant Ecologist    928-556-2151