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Phos-Chek LC-95A-R (5.5:1)

Phos-Chek LC-95A-R is a wet concentrate formulation that uses ammonium polyphosphate (11-37-0) as the fire retardant salt. Phos-Chek LC-95A-R contains a corrosion inhibitor and iron oxide color. The formulation is gum-thickened and yields mixed retardant having a low viscosity for improved drop characteristics from a variety of drop platforms. Mixing occurs through simple proportioning of the retardant concentrate and water. The resulting mixed retardant is pumped directly into the aircraft without intermediate storage.

Product Type:

Low viscosity, gum-thickened, liquid concentrate; demand-mixed.


Fixed-wing airtanker and helicopter bucket; permanent or temporary base.


1 gallon of liquid concentrate mixed with 5.5 gallons of water will produce 6.47 gallons of mixed retardant. Each gallon of mixed retardant contains the equivalent of 1.90 pounds or approximately 0.15 gallons of liquid concentrate.


1 ton of liquid concentrate yields 1054 gallons of mixed retardant.


75-225 (cP).

Field measurement (Marsh Funnel) for the viscosity of the retardant is 30 – 37 seconds through the small tip.

Salt Content:

7.6 percent by weight, P205 equivalent.

Field measurement (refractometer): A reading of 13.7 indicates a proper salt content. A reading between 12.75 and 14.5 indicates an acceptable salt content.

Specific Weight:

8.97 and 12.29 lb/gal, respectively, for mixed retardant and liquid concentrate.

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