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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Products on Current Qualified Products List
If you need an SDS for a product no longer on the Qualified Products List; contact the supplier directly.
Contact information can be found on the “Supplier Contacts” page, on our web site.

Long–Term Retardant
Phos-Chek MVP-Fx Phos-Chek 259-Fx Phos-Chek LC-95A-R
Phos-Chek MVP-F Phos-Chek 259-F Phos-Chek LC-95A-Fx
  Phos-Chek LC-95A-F
    Phos-Chek LC-95W
Class A Firefighting Foam
FireFoam 103B FlameOut Ansul Silv–Ex Plus
Phos–Chek WD 881 Angus Hi–Combat A Chemguard Direct Attack
Pyrocap B–136 Buckeye Platinum Class A Foam Bushmaster "A" Class Foam
Phos-Chek WD 881-C Solberg Fire–Brake 3150A Phos-Chek WD881A
National Foam KnockDown First Response Fomtec Enviro Class A
Water Enhancer – Uncolored
Barricade II BioCentral Blazetamer 380 Phos–Chek Insul–8
Thermo-Gel 200L FireIce 561 Thermo-Gel 300L
Thermo–Gel 500P   EarthClean TetraKO XL–P

Water Enhancer – Colored – 1 Component
Add Colored Water Enhancer Concentrate to Uncolored Water

  Firewall Ultra  

Water Enhancer – Colored – 2 Component
Add Colorant to Water, then add Water Enhancer Concentrate to Colored Water
Note: Each colorant is approved for use ONLY with the uncolored concentrate shown

Concentrated Colorant [Add to Water]            + Uncolored Water Enhancer Concentrate             = Mixed Colored Water Enhancer
Thermo-Gel 200L AV–B1 Color Thermo-Gel 200L (Uncolored) Thermo-Gel 200L AV–B1 (Blue)
FireIce 561 Cool Blue–F Color FireIce 561 FireIce 561 Cool Blue–F
FireIce 561 Sunset Orange–F Color FireIce 561 FireIce 561 Sunset Orange–F
EarthClean Y001 Yellow Color EarthClean TetraKO XL–P EarthClean TetraKO XL–P Y001 (Yellow)


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