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Aerial Delivery Systems

Support for Fire and Aviation Management

Aerial Delivery Systems (ADS) provides support to the Fire and Aviation Management Program (FAM) regarding the development of Interagency Airtanker Board (IAB) tank requirements and delivery systems testing.

Technology Transfer

We perform technology transfer through national, regional, and local training, through participation on advisory boards, and through cooperation/consultation with industry.

User Information

We also prepare and distributes introductory-level information related to major aspects of the aerial delivery systems for wildland fire chemical application.

Performance Models

ADS develops performance models and application relationships, testing and evaluation methods, and design guides and performance criteria for evaluating fixed- and rotary- wing airtankers.

helicopter over fire

Aerial Delivery Systems

We evaluate fixed-wing and helicopter delivery systems using drop tests and static testing to ensure conformity with performance criteria and to validate performance models.
The "Interagency Airtanker Board 2013 Procedures and Criteria” outlines current system test requirements.

We produce a series of drop guides to help users determine optimum performance of fixed- and rotor-wing delivery systems in various fire conditions. The links below provide information about drop testing and tank delivery system operation and safety requirements:

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