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 Shirley K. Zylstra, Program Leader
USDA Forest Service
Wildland Fire Chemical Systems
5785 Hwy 10 W
Missoula, MT 59808
(406) 329-4859

Graphic logo for Wildland Fire Chemical SystemsDelivery Systems

Photo of an Aero Union SP-2H plane dropping fire retardant over a forest fire.Fire & Aviation Management Support

Provide support to Fire and Aviation Management (F&AM) and related agency personnel regarding the development of Interagency Airtanker Board requirements and compliance by the operators, contract specifications.

Technology Transfer

Technology transfer through national, regional, and local training, through participation on advisory boards, and through cooperation/consultation with industry.

User Information

Prepare and distribute introductory level information related to major aspects of the aerial delivery systems for wildland fire chemicals.

Performance Models

Develop performance models and application relationships, testing and evaluation methods, design guides and performance criteria for evaluation of fixed- and rotary- wing airtankers.

Photo of a CDF Bell S205 helicopter dropping fire retardant over a forest fireAerial Delivery Systems

Evaluate fixed-wing and helicopter delivery systems through drop tests and static testing for criteria conformance and validation of performance models. A series of drop guides has been produced to help users determine optimum performance of fixed- and rotor-wing delivery systems in various fire conditions.

Contributing Members

Ann Suter—Statistician
Telephone: (406) 829-6772

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