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Boise Aquatic Sciences Lab
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Grassland, Shrubland and Desert Ecosystem Research Program

Francis Kilkenny, Research Biologist
email: ffkilkenny [at]
phone: (208) 373-4376

Ph.D., Biology, University of Virginia

Research Interests
My research interests include the ecological and evolutionary impacts of climate change on native and invasive plant species; the evolution of local adaptation in native and invasive plant species; pollination biology of herbaceous and long-lived clonal plants; evolutionary consequences of density and intraspecific competition; fundamental niche modeling and the projection of species range shifts due to climate change.

Selected Publications

Evans, Gregory A.; Kilkenny, Francis F.; Galloway, Laura F. 2013. Evolution of competitive ability within Lonicera japonica's invaded range.

St. Clair, John Bradley; Kilkenny, Francis F.; Johnson, Richard C.; Shaw, Nancy L.; Weaver, George. 2013. Genetic variation in adaptive traits and seed transfer zones for Pseudoroegneria spicata (bluebunch wheatgrass) in the northwestern United States.


Beans, Carolyn M.; Kilkenny, Francis F.; Galloway, Laura F. 2012. Climate suitability and human influences combined explain the range of expansion of an invasive horticultural plant.

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