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2002 Fire and Aquatic Ecosystems Workshop Papers

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Below is the web site for the downloadable Fire and Aquatic Ecosystems Workshop papers. [Download all papers] Within each workshop paper, there are links to some of the scientific papers cited within the document. This special issue is accessible to Forest Service employees or others using the USDA DigiTop system.

Special Issue on Fire and Aquatic Ecosystems



Workshop Introduction
Rieman et al.
Keynote M. Rains Whitlock et al. Hessburg & Agee
Lisle et al. Dwire and Kauffman Wondzell and King Meyer & Pierce
Benda et al. Miller et al. Spencer et al. Minshall
Pilliod et al. Dunham et al. Rieman et al. Workshop Synthesis: Bisson et al.

Note** Presentations can be accessed via pdf documents for the link given.  Within the presentations you will notice a yellow notepad icon at the bottom of each slide.  This will open up a text box that  provides the lecture notes.


Presentations are meant to share current and relevant science related to aquatics and fire and are not meant to recommend specific fire management. 

Workshop Introduction


Rieman, B.E., Gresswell, R.E., Young, M.K., Luce, C.L. Introduction to the Workshop: The Effects of Wildland Fire on Aquatic Ecosystems in the Western USA.  Forest Ecology and Management.  178(1-2): 1-3.  (115 kb)


Key Note Presentation


Michael Rains. The National Fire Plan: Managing the Impacts of Wildfires on Communities and the Environment, An Overview and Look Ahead.  (498 kb)


Whitlock, C., Shafer, S.L., Marlon, J. The role of climate and vegetation change in shaping past and future fire regimes in the Northwestern U.S. and the implications for ecosystem management. Forest Ecology and Management. 178(1-2): 5-21.

Abstract  (539 kb)  

Hessburg, P.,  Agee, J. An environmental narrative of inland northwest US Forests, 1800-2000. Forest Ecology and Management. 178(1-2): 23-59


Abstract   (3.68 Mb)

Lisle, T.E., Luce, C., Ziemer,  R.R., May, C. Fire Analysis: A Concept for Integrating Fire-Related Analyses at a Large Scale.



Dwire, K.A., Kauffman, J.B. Fire and riparian ecosystems in landscapes of the western USA. Forest Ecology and Management. 178(1-2): 61-74.

Abstract    (814 kb)   

Wondzell, S.M., King, J. Post-fire erosional processes: In the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain region. Forest Ecology and Management. 178(1-2): 75-87.


Abstract   (386 kb)  

Meyer, G.A., Pierce, J.L.. Climatic controls on fire-induced sediment pulses in Yellowstone National Park and Central Idaho: A long-term perspective.  Forest Ecology and Management. 178(1-2): 89-104.

Abstract (802 kb)   

Benda, L.E., Miller, D., Bigelow, P., Andras, K. Effects of post-wildfire erosion on channel environments, Boise River, Idaho. Forest Ecology and Management. 178(1-2): 105-119.


Abstract   (706 kb)   

Miller, D., Luce, C., Benda, L.E. Time, space, and episodicity of physical disturbance in streams. Forest Ecology and Management. 178(1-2): 121-140.


Abstract  (2.75 mb) 

Spencer, C.N.,  Gabel, K.O., Hauer, F.R. Wildfire effects on stream food webs and nutrient dynamics in Glacier National Park, USA. Forest Ecology and Management. 178(1-2): 141-153.


Abstract  (592 kb)   

Minshall, G.W. Responses of stream benthic macroinvertebrates to fire. Forest Ecology and Management. 178(1-2): 155-161.

Abstract   (157 kb)

Pilliod, D.S., Bury, R.B., Hyde, E.J., Pearl, C.A., P.S. Corn. Fire and amphibians in North America. Forest Ecology and Management. 178(1-2): 163-181.

Dunham, J.B., Young, M.K.,  Gresswell, R., Rieman, B.E. 2003. Effects of fire on fish populations: landscape perspectives on persistence of native fishes and non-native fish invasions. Forest Ecology and Management. 178(1-2): 183-196.


Abstract   (348 kb) 

Perspectives on Persistence of Native Fishes and Nonnative Fish Invasions in Fire-Prone Landscapes   (2.2 mb)

Rieman, B.E., Lee, D.C., Burns, D., Gresswell, R., Young, M., Stowell, R., Rinne, J., Howell, P. Status of native fishes in the western United States and issues for fire and fuels management. Forest Ecology and Management. 178(1-2): 197-211.


Abstract   (248 kb) 

Workshop Synthesis


Bisson, P.A., Rieman, B.E., Luce, C., Hessburg, P.F., Lee, D.C., Kershner, J.L.,   Reeves, G.H., Gresswell, R. Fire and aquatic ecosystems of the Western USA: current knowledge and key questions. Forest Ecology and Management. 178(1-2): 213-229. Abstract    (324 kb)


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