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Fire and Aquatic Ecosystems


Author Profiles

Grant Meyer
Assistant Professor
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131
(505) 277-5384


  • B.S. Geology, University of Idaho, 1978
  • M.S. Earth Science, Montana State University, 1986
  • Ph.D. Geology, University of New Mexico, 1993


Research Interests

  • Quaternary geology and geomorphology
  • Hillslopes and fluvial systems
  • Climatic, tectonic and environmental geomorphology
  • Geomorphology and ecosystem processes, disturbance, floods and fires

Relevant Publications

Meyer, G.A., Pierce, J.L., Wood, S.H., and Jull, A.J.T., 2001,  Fires, storms, and sediment yield in the Idaho batholith: Hydrological Processes, v. 15, p. 3025-3038.

Meyer, G.A., 2001, Recent large-magnitude floods and their impact on valley-floor environments of northeastern Yellowstone, Geomorphology, v. 40, p. 271-290. [ PDF ]

Marcus, W.A., Meyer, G.A., Nimmo, D.R., 2001, Geomorphic control of persistent mine impacts in a Yellowstone Park stream and implications for the recovery of fluvial systems, Geology, v. 29, n. 4, p. 355-358.  [ PDF ]

Meyer, G.A., and Leidecker, M.E., 1999,  Fluvial terraces along the Middle Fork Salmon River, Idaho, and their relation to glaciation, landslide dams, and incision rates: A preliminary analysis and river-mile guide, in Hughes, S.S., and Thackray, G.D., eds., Guidebook to the Geology of Eastern Idaho: Pocatello, Idaho Museum of Natural History, p. 219-235.

Meyer, G.A., and Wells, S.G., 1997,  Fire-related sedimentation events on alluvial fans, Yellowstone National Park, U.S.A.: Journal of Sedimentary Research, v. A67, p. 776-791.

Meyer, G.A., Wells, S.G., and Jull, A.J.T., 1995,  Fire and alluvial chronology in Yellowstone National Park: Climatic and intrinsic controls on Holocene geomorphic processes: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 107, p. 1211-1230.  (1997 GSA Kirk Bryan Award recipient)

Meyer, G.A., Wells, S.G., Balling, R.C., Jr., and Jull, A.J.T., 1992,  Response of alluvial systems to fire and climate change in Yellowstone National Park: Nature, v. 357, p. 147-150.

Balling, R.C., Jr., Meyer, G.A., and Wells, S.G., 1992a,  Climate change in Yellowstone National Park: Is the drought-related risk of wildfires increasing?: Climatic Change, v. 22, p. 34-35.

Relevant Projects


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