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Fire and Aquatic Ecosystems


Author Profiles

Charlie Luce
Research Hydrologist  
Rocky Mountain Research Station  
322 E. Front Street, Suite 401
Boise, Idaho 83702




  • Ph.D.  Civil Engineering Utah State University 2000 
    Dissertation: Scale Influences on the Representation of Snowpack Processes, 202 pp.

  • M.S.    Forest Hydrology University of Washington 1990
    Thesis: Analysis of Infiltration and Overland Flow from Small Plots on Forest Roads, 101 pp.

  • B.S. Forest Management University of Washington 1986, Magna Cum Laude Thesis: Literature Review on the Effects of a Forest Canopy on Snowpack Structure and Stability, 26 pp. 

Research Interests

    • Scaling Hydrologic and Geomorphic Processes

    • Snow Hydrology

    • Watershed Hydrology

    • Forest Road Effects on Hydrology, Slope Stability, and Erosion

    • Slope Stability and Erosion

    • Stochastic Climate Simulation

Relevant Publications 

Bisson, P.A.; Rieman, B.E.; Luce, C.; Hessburg, P.F.; Lee, D.C.; Kershner, J.L.; Reeves, G.H.; Gresswell, R.E. 2003. Fire and aquatic ecosystems of the Western USA: current knowledge and key questions. Forest Ecology and Management. 178: 213-229.

Luce, C. H. and D. G. Tarboton, (2001),"Modeling Snowmelt Over an Area:  Modeling Subgrid Scale Heterogeneity in Distributed Model Elements," Proceedings of MODSIM 2001, International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, Canberra, Australia, December 10-13, pp. 341-346.

Luce, C.H. and T.A. Black, (2001), “Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Erosion from Forest Roads” In Influence of Urban and Forest Land Uses on the Hydrologic-Geomorphic Responses of Watersheds, M.S. Wigmosta and S.J. Burges, Editors, American Geophysical Union, Washington, D.C.  pp. 165-178.

Luce, C. H., D. G. Tarboton and K. R. Cooley, (1999), “Subgrid parameterization of snow distribution for an energy balance snow cover model.”  Hydrological Processes 13:1921-1933

Luce, C. H., D. G. Tarboton and K. R. Cooley, (1998), The influence of the spatial distribution of snow on basin-averaged snowmelt. Hydrological Processes 12(10-11):1671-1683.

Elliot, W.J., C.H. Luce, and P.R. Robichaud, (1996), “Predicting Sedimentation from Timber Harvest Areas with the WEPP Model” Proceedings of the Sixth Interagency Sedimentation Conference, March 10-14, 1996, Las Vegas, NV. pp. IX:46-53. (Refereed).

Elliot, W.J., P.R. Robichaud, R.B. Foltz, and C.H. Luce, (1993), “A tool for estimating disturbed forest site sediment production.”  Proceedings: Interior Cedar-Hemlock-White Pine Forests. Ecology and Management Symposium, Spokane, Washington.

Robichaud, P.R., R.B. Foltz, and C.H. Luce, (1993), “Development of an on-site sediment prediction model for forest roads and timber harvest areas.”  Proceedings of the IAHS-ICCE Symposium on Sediment Problems: Strategies for monitoring, prediction, and control.  July 11-23, 1993.  Yokohama, Japan.  IAHS publ. no. 217, pp. 135-140. (Refereed).

Robichaud, P.R. and C.H. Luce, (1993), “Variation in Hydraulic Conductivity and Erodibility Between Treatments in Timber Harvest Sites in the Southern Appalachians.”  Proceedings of the International Russian, United States, Ukrainian Workshop on Quantitative Assessment of Soil Erosion, Moscow, Russia.  September 20-24.  M.A. Nearing, Editor. 


Tarboton, D.G., G. Blöschl, K. Cooley, R. Kirnbauer, and C. Luce, (2000), Spatial Snow Cover Processes at Kuhtai and Reynolds Creek.  Chapter 7 in Spatial Patterns in Hydrological Processes: Observations and Modeling, Edited by R. Grayson and G. Blöschl, Cambridge University Press, pp. 158-186. 

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