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Fire and Aquatic Ecosystems


Author Profiles

Paul Hessburg 
Research Plant Pathologist
Pacific Northwest Research Station
1133 North Western Ave.
Wenatchee, WA 98801



o      B.S. Forestry, University of Minnesota, 1978


o      Ph.D. Botany & Plant Pathology, Oregon State University, 1984

Research Interests


o       Forest and rangeland ecosystem change


o       Ecology and epidemiology of native root pathogens


o       Multi-scale landscape pattern-disturbance process interactions


o       Terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem disturbance dynamics


o       Landscape evaluation tool development

Relevant Publications

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Hessburg, P. F., Kuhlmann, E. G., Swetnam, T. W. (In press). A Novel Approach to Distinguishing regime-scale climate signals. Ecological Applications.


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