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Fire and Aquatic Ecosystems


Author Profiles

Jason Dunham
Supervisory Research Aquatic Ecologist

3200 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

Office: 541-750-0990
Fax: 541-758-8806


  • B.S. Zoology, Oregon State University (1987)  

  • M. S. Zoology, Arizona State University (1995)

  • Ph.D., University of Nevada-Reno (1997)  

Research Interests  

  • Larger-scale issues and landscape ecology
  • Implementing an effective multi-faceted or multi-scale approach to understand both pattern and process
  • Dynamics of fish populations over relatively large spatial and temporal scales
  • Patterns and mechanisms that allow managers to prioritize their actions and evaluate alternatives

Relevant Publications


Dunham, J.B., M.M. Peacock, B.E. Rieman, R.E. Schroeter, and G.L. Vinyard. 1999. Local and geographic variability in the distribution of stream-living Lahontan cutthroat trout. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 128:875-889.     

Dunham, J.B. and B.E. Rieman. 1999. Metapopulation structure of bull trout: influences physical, biotic, and geometrical landscape characteristics.  Ecological Applications 9:642-655.    

Rieman, B.E. and J. B. Dunham. 2000. Metapopulations and salmonids: a synthesis of life history patterns and empirical observations.  Ecology of Freshwater Fish  9:51-64. 

Luce, Charles H.; Rieman, Bruce E.; Dunham, Jason B.; Clayton, James L.; King, John G.; Black, Thomas A. 2001. Incorporating aquatic ecology into decisions on prioritization of road decommissioning. Water resources impact. 3(3): 8-14.  

Dunham, J.B., B.E. Rieman, and J.T. Peterson. 2002. Patch-based models of species presence: lessons from salmonid fishes in streams.  Pages 327-334 in J. M. Scott, P. J. Heglund, F. Samson, J. Haufler, M. Morrison, M. Raphael, and B. Wall, editors.  Predicting species occurrences: issues of accuracy and scale. Island Press, Covelo, CA.

Dunham, J.B., B.S. Cade, J.W. Terrell. 2002. Influences of spatial and temporal variation on fish-habitat relationships defined by regression quantiles. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. 131:86-98.

Rieman, B.E., Dunham, J.B., and Clayton, J. L. In Review. Emerging concepts for management of river ecosystems and challenges to applied integration of physical and biological sciences in the Pacific Northwest, USA. In New Paradigms in River and Estuary Management, Proceedings of a NATO Advanced Research Workshop, Sun Valley Idaho, April 2001


Link to Dunham's Bosie Lab Aquatic Publications

Relevant Aquatic Projects


Synthesis of knowledge on fire and fire related management in aquatic ecosystems


Defining effects of wildfire on stream ecosystems: Development of indicators and monitoring approaches




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