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Fire and Aquatic Ecosystems


Author Profiles

Lee Benda

Earth Systems Institute
3040 NW 57th St.
Seattle, WA 98107
Tel: 206-633-1792


  • BS Forest Hydrology, University of Washington (UW), Seattle, 1982
  • MS Geomorphology, Dept. Geological Sciences, UW, 1988
  • Ph.D Geomorphology, Dept. Geological Sciences, UW, 1994

Research Interests

  • Mountain Drainage Basin Geomorphology
  • Riverine Ecology

Relevant Publications

Earth Systems Institute, Humboldt State University, U. S. Forest Service (in press) Dynamic Landscapes and Resource Management: An Educational CD.

Organization of Disturbance by Rivers (submitted) Benda, L., Miller, D., Dunne, T., Poff, L., Reeves, G., Pollock, M, and Pess, G. Bioscience.

Benda et al. (submitted) Influences of debris flows on the morphological diversity of channels and valley floors, Olympic Peninsula, WA USA  GSA Bulletin

Challenges and Opportunities in Interdisciplinary Collaborations. (accepted with revision) Benda, L., Poff, L., Tague, C., Palmer, M., Pizzuto, J., Bockstael, N., Copper, S., Stanley, E., and Moglen, G. Bioscience.

Benda et al. (in press) Recruitment of wood to streams in old growth and second growth redwood forests in northern California.  Canadian Journal of Forest Research

Benda, L., Miller, D., Martin, D., Bilby, R., and Veldhuisen, C. (in press) Wood budgeting: theoretical framework, field practice, and modeling.  Chapter XX in Wood in World Rivers,  American Fisheries Society.

Martin, D., and Benda, L. (2001) Patterns of in-stream wood recruitment and transport at the watershed scale.  Transactions of American Fisheries Society.

Miller, D., and Benda, L. (2000) Effects of mass wasting on channel morphology and sediment transport: South Fork Gate Creek, Oregon. Bulletin, Geological Society of America.

Benda, L. (1999).  Science VS. Reality: The Scale Crisis in the Watershed Sciences.  Proceedings of the American Water Resources Association, Annual Summer Conference, Bozeman, MT.

Benda, L. and Sias, J. (1998) Landscape controls on wood abundance in streams. Earth Systems Institute Publication, 78pp.

Benda, L., Veldhuisen, C., Miller, D., and Miller, L. R. (1997/98) Slope Instability and Forest Land Managers: A Primer and Field Guide. Earth Systems Institute, Seattle WA. 84pp.

Benda, L., Miller, D., Dunne, T., Agee, J. and Reeves, G. (1998) Dynamic Landscape Systems, Chapter 12 in: River Ecology and Management: Lessons from the Pacific Coastal Ecoregion, Edited by Naiman, R. and Bilby, R., Springer-Verlag.

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Benda, L. (1995) Stochastic geomorphology: implications for monitoring and interpreting erosion and sediment yields in mountain drainage basins. In: Symposium on the Effects of Scale on Interpretation and Management of Sediment



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