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U.S. Forest Service

Watershed Restoration Program Reporting, Guidance, and Directives

There are six steps in the Watershed Condition Framework (WCF):

  • Step A: Classify Watershed Condition
  • Step B: Prioritize Watersheds for Restoration
  • Step C: Develop Watershed Restoration Action Plans
  • Step D: Implement Integrated Projects
  • Step E: Track Restoration Accomplishments
  • Step F: Monitor and Verification

Under Step C, forests and grasslands will develop a Watershed Restoration Action Plan (WRAP) for priority watersheds that identifies essential projects necessary to improve watershed condition class.

A detailed field assessment is the basis for the WRAP. The assessment should document specific problems affecting watershed and ecological conditions; identify appropriate projects that address these problems; propose an implementation schedule; and project sequencing, potential partners, funding sources, monitoring, and evaluation.

Completed WRAPs can be found on the USDA Forest Service Watershed Condition Class and Prioritization Information map viewer by zooming in to each priority watershed, designated by a star on the map.