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U.S. Forest Service

Legacy Roads and Trails Program

Improve the Transportation System and Watershed Health

The Forest Service Legacy Roads and Trail Remediation program was authorized and funded to direct work towards urgently needed road decommissioning, road and trail repair and maintenance, and removal of fish passage barriers. The program emphasizes areas where Forest Service roads may be contributing to water quality problems in streams and water bodies that support threatened, endangered, and sensitive species or community water sources.

Restoration in Action: The First Five Years of the Legacy Roads and Trails Program

The Wilderness Society and Wildlands CPR prepared a report highlighting Legacy Roads and Trails accomplishments during its first five years. It provides a general accounting of appropriated funds and spotlights a sampling of projects from across the country.

“Legacy Roads and Trails is an important part of the Forest Service's long-term commitment to restoration. Working with our partners over the last five years, major accomplishments to improve the transportation system and watershed health have been made in every Forest Service Region. Gifford Pinchot said it best when he said: "Our responsibility to the Nation is to be more than careful stewards of the land, we must be constant catalysts for positive change." This work reflects our commitment to continuing this positive change.

I would like to personally thank The Wilderness Society, Wildlands CPR and our other partners for their help and support in our ongoing restoration efforts. We have much to do and I am confident, that together, we can do it.

Thank You!”

~Tom Tidwell,
Chief of the Forest Service

See Restoration in Action: The First Five Years of the Legacy Roads and Trails Program, April 2013 (PDF, 2.0 MB)