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Popular Topics

The Forest Service supports projects, tools, and partnerships that advance work in key research areas.

link to Urban Nature for Human Health and Well-Being

Urban Nature for Human Health and Well-Being

The livability of a town or city is often defined by the availability of parks, forests, gardens, and ¬†other natural settings that support an active lifestyle. Indeed, there is a growing conviction that this “green infrastructure” is as important to prosperous and sustainable communities as roads, trash removal, and other essential services. ¬†

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link to Green and Resilient Cities

Green and Resilient Cities

Interdisciplinary Forest Service research teams are advancing the state of knowledge and application of urban trees and green space, helping local governments, planners, and neighborhood groups understand how to build natural resources into resiliency planning, and why.

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link to Urban Forest Assessments

Urban Forest Assessments

Forest Service R&D assesses the state of the Nation's forests through satellite technology in combination with field sampling, providing information on urban tree canopy distribution, species composition and health, and urban tree benefits.

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link to Data and Decision Tools

Data and Decision Tools

Forest Service R&D provides data and decision tools to support urban natural resources stewardship and green infrastructure planning.

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link to Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice

The Forest Service is working with cities and conservation partners to address environmental justice issues affecting urban communities throughout the United States.

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link to Urban Wildlife

Urban Wildlife

The Forest Service delivers science that supports native wildlife habitat and healthy wildlife populations in urban areas. Each year, we sponsor an urban wildlife conservation workshop in association with the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference.

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link to Baltimore Wood Project

Baltimore Wood Project

The Forest Service is helping the City of Baltimore rebuild and revitalize distressed neighborhoods using an abundant, renewable resource – wood.

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