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Data and Decision Tools

Forest Service R&D provides long-term data, science-based models, and decision tools that together serve as a critial information platform for any city’s urban planning and analysis efforts.

Download a handout describing our urban data resources and decision tools (PDF) »

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i-Tree Software Suite

link to i-Tree Software Suite

The i-Tree Software Suite is a set of urban forestry analysis and benefit assessment tools. i-Tree applications enable users to examine urban forest resources at all scales, from entire states and municipalities to neighborhoods, lots, and individual trees. i-Tree increases understanding of urban forest resources and helps inform green infrastructure management and planning.

i-Tree is specifically designed to meet the needs of all communities. The toolset can be used by state forestry agencies, cities, stewardship groups, residents, students, and anyone else interested in learning more about and caring for their local forest resources.

Urban Tree Canopy Assessment

link to Urban Tree Canopy Assessment

Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) Assessment is a Forest Service tool that provides detailed information about the urban tree canopy — it helps a community answer two critical questions: How much tree canopy do we have? How much could we have? A separate prioritization process allows different interest groups to bring their tree planting priorities together to develop a comprehensive urban tree canopy cover plan.

The Forest Service, in partnership with the University of Vermont’s Spatial Analysis Lab, has completed UTC Assessments for a number of U.S. communities and has tested the prioritization process in New York City and in Baltimore. See an Interactive Map of Urban Tree Canopy Assessments.

Stewardship Mapping and Assessment Project

link to Stewardship Mapping and Assessment Project

The Stewardship Mapping and Assessment Project (STEW-MAP) is an online, searchable GIS database that helps people identify and locate environmental stewardship organizations, partnerships, and opportunities in their city. Customized downloads and interactive maps support local agencies in natural resource management and planning. STEW-MAP also serves as an innovative research tool for understanding civic environmental stewardship networks.

STEW-MAP was first piloted in New York City and is now being replicated in Chicago, Seattle, and Baltimore.

Stewardship Mapping and Assessment Project: A Framework for Understanding Community-Based Environmental Stewardship (January 2016) »

Tree Carbon Calculator

link to Tree Carbon Calculator

The Forest Service’s Tree Carbon Calculator (CTCC) is a software program that provides carbon sequestration and energy savings data for individual trees. The Tree Carbon Calculator is approved by the California Climate Action Reserve’s Urban Forest Project Protocol for the quantification of carbon sequestration from tree planting projects.

The Forest Service’s Pacific Southwest Research Station is developing a new online tool that will replace the Tree Carbon Calculator. Currently in beta testing for all California climate zones, the ecoSmart Landscapes tool uses a Google Maps interface to allow homeowners to estimate the environmental and economic benefits provided by trees now and in the future.