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Place-based Research

Water sampling
U.S. Forest Service

The Forest Service operates urban research units nationwide, within the regionally-based R&D research stations. Scientists within these units work in close collaboration with partners to advance global and local understanding of urban ecosystems and the coupled relationship between nature and people.

Place-based, or localized research is central to our study of urban systems and the delivery of knowledge, data, and decision tools. Across the U.S., multi-disciplinary Forest Service science teams are located in cities, working directly with city agencies and a broad set of State, local, non-profit, business, and community partners to integrate research, apply new knowledge, and advance urban sustainability and resilience goals. Our scientists work across our Forest Service mission areas in these places, bridging local-to-Federal partnerships and bringing science together in action. As an engaged network, our city-based research teams are advancing the urban social-ecological discipline and providing knowledge for all communities.

Forest Service urban field stations are located in BaltimoreNew York CityChicagoPhiladelphia, and San Juan. In addition to our designated urban field stations, city-based, collaborative research takes place in: SeattleLos Angeles, Davis, Denver, and Athens/Gainesville.