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Environmental Justice

Urban Blight
Andrea Gingerich, iStockphoto
Environmental Justice refers to the equal distribution of environmental hazards and amenities. Environmental justice efforts help to ensure that minority and low-income populations have equal opportunities and are not disproportionately affected by environmental programs and policies.

The Forest Service is working with cities and conservation partners to address environmental justice issues affecting urban communities throughout the United States.

Through research, partnerships, and community engagement, Forest Service scientists are working to eliminate environmental disparities in urban places, advance environmental literacy, and help cities provide new opportunities to low-income and disadvantaged residents.

  • Forest Service research addresses environmental inequities, such as disproportionate canopy cover and access to green space, as well as the vulnerability of some groups to climate change and other hazards.
  • Data and Decision Tools help direct tree-planting efforts and stewardship activities to areas in most need.
  • Research partnerships support environmental education, green jobs, and the development of community gardens.

View our environmental justice research brief »pdf