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Revitalizing Urban Watersheds: Innovations from the Urban Waters Federal Partnerships

Johnson Habitat Park is one of several restoration projects along the South Platte River.

Revitalizing Urban Watersheds: Innovations from the Urban Waters Federal Partnerships
September 14, 2016

Surabhi Shah, Environmental Protection Agency
Sarah Low, USDA Forest Service
Tracy Stanton, Green-Duwamish Urban Waters Partnership

The Urban Waters Federal Partnership was formed in 2011 with a mission to help urban areas, particularly those that are underserved or economically distressed, connect with their waterways and work together to improve them. The initiative leverages the efforts and resources of 14 federal agencies in service of community-led restoration and community development partnerships in 19 watersheds around the country. This webinar highlights innovative collaborations forged in these learning laboratories that can be applied and adapted in other communities. Surabhi Shah, Director of EPA’s Urban Waters Program, will present an overview of the federal partnership and national level resources, sharing key accomplishments and insights from its evolution over the past five years. Sarah Low will provide examples of how the Forest Service has been engaged with place-based Urban Waters projects, connecting science with communities, and forests to faucets. Tracy Stanton will offer a field-level perspective and share lessons from the Green-Duwamish Urban Waters Partnership in the greater Seattle region.


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Urban Waters Federal Partnership: Restoring urban waters, revitalizing communities (PDF)
Surabhi Shah
Director, Urban Waters Program
Environmental Protection Agency

Just a Few Examples of Innovations in Urban Waters (PDF)
Sarah Low
Team Leader, Philadelphia Field Station
USDA Forest Service

Urban Waters Federal Partnership: Green Duwamish Watershed, Seattle – King County (PDF)
Tracy Stanton
Green-Duwamish Urban Waters Partnership


Resources Mentioned in the Webinar
Learn more about the 19 Urban Waters Federal Partnership locations, grant opportunities, the annual National Training Workshop, and links to all things urban waters.

Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Grant
The Forest Service partners with EPA and other federal and private funders to support community restoration efforts – including urban forestry projects – through this National Fish and Wildlife Foundation annual grant program.

Urban Waters Federal Partnership Handbook
Use this new handbook to create your own Urban Waters partnership!

Urban Waters Small Grants
The goal of this program is to fund research, investigations, experiments, training, surveys, studies, and demonstrations that will advance the restoration of urban waters by improving water quality through activities that also support community revitalization and other local priorities.

The lead group focused on salmon recovery efforts in the Green-Duwamish Watershed. Be sure to watch the short video on efforts to Re-Green the Green.

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