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Tree Risk Assessment for Municipalities

Fallen Tree / thinkstockphoto

Tree Risk Assessment for Municipalities
November 12, 2014

Jerry Mason, Mason & Stricklin, LLP
Paul Ries, Oregon State University

If a tree falls in your city and there is someone around, does it make a lawsuit? The trees in our cities provide us with many benefits, but they also come with a risk. Left unmanaged or unmonitored, the trees in our parks and along our streets can turn from assets into liabilities. Without proper care, urban trees can create management and financial headaches for city officials. The International Society of Arboriculture has issued a Best Management Practices guidebook on Tree Risk Assessment that is changing the way cities look at tree hazards and managing risk. In this webinar, attorney Jerry Mason and urban forester Paul Ries will cover critical information that community leaders need to know about tree risk, city responsibilities, best management practices, and more.


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Perspectives on Municipal Tree Risk A Primer (PDF)
Jerry Mason
Mason & Stricklin, LLP & Association of Idaho Cities

An Introduction to Tree Risk Assessment For Municipal Officials (PDF)
Paul Ries
Urban Forestry Instructor / Extension Specialist
Oregon State University & Oregon Department of Forestry