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Seeing the Future Forest: CanVis & CommunityVis scenario planning tools

Urban tree-lined street

Seeing the Future Forest: CanVis & CommunityVis scenario planning tools
December 10, 2014

Gretchen Riley, Texas A&M Forest Service

Lance Davisson, Treasure Valley Canopy Network

Planning for the future of our communities and community forests requires not only vision and creativity, but effective communication with decision makers. Tools like urban tree canopy assessments and inventories, visualizations, and scenario planning are bridging the gap. In this webinar, Gretchen Riley will share how the Texas A&M Forest Service’s work with CanVis visualization software has literally helped others “see” their vision for proposed plantings and downtown revitalization. Participants will be exposed to the basics of using the software and empowered to think about potential uses. Lance Davisson will discuss a unique partnership in Idaho’s Treasure Valley that is using canopy visualization tools and data to grow the future urban infrastructure of the region. Evolving from a focus on inventory and assessment, the Sustainable Canopy Network is changing the way local communities view the future of their urban infrastructure.


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Picture It Your Way: Telling the story through visualization software (PDF)
Gretchen Riley
Partnership Coordinator
Texas A&M Forest Service

UTC & Canopy Viz Tools: Catalyzing an innovative Regional Network (PDF)
Lance Davisson
Treasure Valley Canopy Network


Resources Mentioned in the Webinar

Download CanVis and other tools that may be useful in urban situations from the USDA National Agroforestry Center.