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Resilient Cities: Strengthening resilience through green space and stewardship

Survivor tree
"Survivor Tree" by Bugsy, licensed under
CC BY 2.0

Resilient Cities: Strengthening resilience through green space and stewardship
June 10, 2015

Samuel Carter, The Rockefeller Foundation

Lindsay Campbell, USDA Forest Service

Disasters can strike urban centers. These disturbances can be sudden shocks, like hurricanes or human conflicts, or accumulated stresses, such as resource shortages or economic downturns. Resilient communities are better equipped to deal with these changes in a positive way. This webinar provides a unique opportunity to learn about the importance of urban green space for building resilience, from the perspective of the internationally-reaching Rockefeller Foundation and a USDA Forest Service social scientist in New York City. Samuel Carter, Rockefellerís Associate Director of Resilience, will provide an overview of the Foundationís portfolio approach to empowering resilience planning around the globe. He will introduce the City Resilience Framework and will describe interesting findings from Rockefeller-supported projects, including the multiple benefits of green infrastructure, the role of science-based design, and the nexus of science and politics in decision-making. Lindsay Campbell, a Social Scientist with the USDA Forest Service, will discuss the role of urban green space as an important social resource, both in the aftermath of a disaster, as well as in the time before an event. She will share her research on how the use and stewardship of urban nature meaningfully connects people to their communities, and the need to incorporate these findings into resilience planning and urban design.


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Resilience by Design (PDF)
Samuel Carter
Associate Director, Resilience
The Rockefeller Foundation

Strengthening Social Resilience through Stewardship and Use of Urban Green Space (PDF)
Lindsay Campbell
Research Social Scientist
USDA Forest Service


Resources Mentioned in the Webinar

City Resilience Framework
The City Resilience Framework is a unique framework developed by Arup with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, based on extensive research in cities.

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Green and Resilient Cities
US Forest Service urban resilience research.