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Remove and Repurpose: Increasing the value of urban wood

Reclaimed Urban Wood
USDA Forest Service

Remove and Repurpose: Increasing the value of urban wood
December 9, 2015

Steve Bratkovich, Dovetail Partners
Dave Gamstetter, Cincinnati Park Board

Urban wood utilization is a smart use of local resources that can add revenue to an urban forestry program. Many municipalities are encountering an increase in urban tree removals as invasive pests infiltrate their urban forests. Others are simply wondering if there’s a better way to use their urban wood “waste” and avoid a drain on the budget for tree removal. In this webinar, our speakers will share tips and lessons learned to help you start or expand your urban wood use program. Steve Bratkovich will provide a brief overview of urban wood utilization. He will also introduce the concept of industrial clusters, which can be used as a template to get you started or increase the success of your existing program. Dave Gamstetter will share Cincinnati’s experience in developing its Urban Timber program, including how it overcame several challenges. Established in 2007 as a response to the discovery of emerald ash borer in Cincinnati, the Urban Timber program repurposes sustainably harvested municipal logs into affordable, high quality products.


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Urban Wood Use: Lessons learned from Raleigh NC & Richmond VA (PDF)
Steve Bratkovich
Project Manager, Recycling and Reuse
Dovetail Partners
Presented at the 2015 Partners in Community Forestry Conference

Cincinnati Parks: Urban Timber Program 2015 (PDF)
Dave Gamstetter
Natural Resource Manager
Cincinnati Park Board