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Urban Green Spaces for Food and Foraging

Mint and linden leaves
Forested, LLC

Urban Green Spaces for Food and Foraging
June 8, 2016

Marla Emery, Research Geographer, USDA Forest Service

Lincoln Smith, Forest Gardener, Forested, LLC

Urban trees, forests, and green space can be a critical source of food, fiber, and medicine in cultivated spaces like gardens and community farms, as well as in parks, street medians, and vacant lots. This webinar features a discussion of how urban forests can serve as a local food source and provide opportunities to improve food security, public health, and community resilience for city residents. Marla Emery will discuss the everyday spaces that support wild-edible foraging in urban areas and the latest research on harvesting behavior, health considerations, and trends in governance and legitimacy as cities either enable or unintentionally limit the subsistence value of urban nature. Lincoln Smith will describe his efforts to promote the purposeful design of forest gardens in the city, offering case studies of creating spaces for food and healthy living and sharing expert tips from his training course.


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Urban Foraging: Provisioning & cultural ecosystem services from urban green infrastructure (PDF)
Marla Emery
Research Geographer
USDA Forest Service

Growing a Community Food Forest (PDF)
Lincoln Smith
Forest Gardener
Forested, LLC


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