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Creating Equitable Career Pathways in Urban Forestry

Collage of urban forestry workforce development photos. Upper left: workers use a chainsaw to cut a downed tree. Lower left: two men sit at a table to discuss urban forestry career options. Right: two workers dig a hole to plant a tree next to a sidewalk.
The Greening of Detroit
Creating Equitable Career Pathways in Urban Forestry
July 10, 2019
Sarah Anderson, American Forests
Devon Buskin, The Greening of Detroit

Employers are desperate to fill a labor shortage on the front lines in urban forestry, yet struggle to source and retain a sustainable workforce. Few employers have successfully tapped into the supply of workers in communities with the lowest tree canopy cover, which tend to have higher rates of unemployment. In this webinar, Sarah Anderson will present American Forests' efforts to address the shortage nationally through Tree Equity: Career Pathways, an initiative to build the capacity of urban forestry pre-employment programs and facilitate cross-sector partnerships that will ensure a sustainable workforce into the future. Devon Buskin will share how The Greening of Detroit has successfully connected low-income and underemployed Detroiters to careers in urban forestry for more than a decade through its Detroit Conservation Corps program. Whether you represent an urban forestry employer, are curious about running your own pre-employment program, or simply feel committed to creating an equitable and diverse work force in urban forestry, join this session for more on closing the urban forestry labor shortage gap in your area.


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Tree Equity: Career pathways
Sarah Anderson
Senior Manager, Tree Equity
American Forests

The Greening of Detroit's Detroit Conservation Corps
Devon Buskin
Workforce Director
The Greening of Detroit


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