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National Urban Forest Technology & Science Delivery Team

Green Cities, Health Communities

The Forest Service's National Urban Forest Technology & Science Delivery Team is comprised of urban program staff from across our regions, working collaboratively to deliver quality urban natural resources science, technology, and information to improve the long-term sustainability of urban ecosystems. The team's mission is to help inform environmental stewardship and sustainably sound decisions about urban and community lands and the broader watershed, for wildlife and people.

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Team Members

Phillip Rodbell
R&D-Washington Office (chair)

Toby Bloom
NFS-Washington Office

Theresa Heyer
NFS-Region 9

Amanda Egan
S&PF-Regions 1 and 4

Ali San Gil
S&PF-Region 3

Miranda Hutten, Yassy Wilkins
S&PF-Region 5

Craig Anderson
S&PF-Regions 6 and 10

S&PF-Region 8

Maya Quinones
S&PF-International Institute of Tropical Forestry

David Sivyer, Jill Johnson, Julie Mawhorter, Donna-Marie Foster
S&PF-Region 9

Sarah Hines, Cherie Fisher, Andrea Brandon
R&D-Northern Research Station

Annie Hermansen-Bàez
R&D-Southern Research Station

Francisco Escobedo
R&D- Pacific Southwest Research Station

Leah Fine
R&D-Rocky Mountain Research Station