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Resources Planning Act (RPA) Assessment

Monitoring Stream

The Resources Planning Act (RPA) Assessment reports on the status and trends of the Nation's renewable resources on all forests and rangelands, as required by the Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Planning Act of 1974. The USDA Forest Service has conducted natural resource analyses for over a century. The 1974 RPA legislation established a periodic reporting requirement and broadened the coverage to all renewable resources on U.S. forests and rangelands. The RPA Assessment includes analyses of forests, rangelands, wildlife and fish, biodiversity, water, outdoor recreation, wilderness, urban forests, and the effects of climate change on these resources.

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RPA Scenarios

Two new reports describing the 2020 RPA Assessment scenario selection process are now available.

Future Scenarios Cover

The Future Scenarios report describes the RPA Assessment scenarios selection process. The four chosen scenarios depict a coherent interdependent future for global and U.S. population dynamics, socioeconomic factors, and climate change, providing a means of qualitatively and quantitatively understanding how a range of socioeconomic and climate conditions interact through time to create different natural resource futures.

The Climate Scenarios and Projections report specifically describes in more detail the selection process that was used to identify and select climate scenarios, climate models, and climate projections for the RPA Assessment. While the scenarios, models, and projections were selected to be applied at the scale of the conterminous United States, 50 years into the future, they were also evaluated as to their utility at the scale of a national forest region, at a timeframe extended to 2100.

Both of these documents are precursors to the release of the 2020 RPA Assessment.

U.S. Land Base

US Land Base Cover

The most recent report on the U.S. Land Base is now available. This document provides trends in U.S. land use and land cover, and summarizes how the RPA Assessment uses these different data sources to support analyses of forest trends. This document is a precursor to the release of the 2020 RPA Assessment.

Forest Resources of the United States

Forest Resources of the United States Cover

The most recent report on the Forest Resources of the United States is now available. Data tables, data visualizations, and past reports are available on the FIA/RPA webpage. This document summarizes the state of the forests in the United States, and is a precursor to the release of the 2020 RPA Assessment.