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Resource Management & Use

Research Highlights

The environmental benefits provided by forests and grasslands are essential to our society. Forests and grasslands purify air and water, prevent soil erosion, and provide vital wildlife habitat. The aesthetic benefits of intact forests and grasslands also contribute to human health and happiness. The Resource Management & Use research program provides science and technology that helps sustain U.S. forests and ranges and keeps them economically and environmentally productive. Research from Resource Management & Use enhances land values, supports traditional and emerging forest products that contribute to the U.S. economy and the American quality of life, encourages rural development through local business growth and job creation, helps communities plan sustainable and desirable urban spaces, and allows forest landowners to maintain their forest base.

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Agroforestry is a unique land management approach that intentionally blends agriculture and forestry to enhance productivity, profitability, and environmental stewardship.

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Landscape Science

Landscape Science at the Forest Service delivers the data, research and tools to support broad-scale analysis of trends and spatial patterns, along with their implied tradeoffs and opportunities for natural resource management.

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Management & Operations Research

Management & Operations Research provides the scientific and technical basis for wise natural resource policies and management decisions to sustain and enhance the health, productivity, and function of the Nation's forest and rangeland resources.