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World Nieh

National Program Lead, Forest Products & Wood Utilization Research
1400 Independence Ave., SW
District of Columbia
United States

Phone: 703-605-4197
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Research Interests

Past Research

Past research included polymers from renewable materials, polymer characterization, wood adhesives, wood composites and engineered wood products, wood treatment (rot, fire and mold), paper products.


  • Mississippi State Unversity, Ph.D. Forest Products Polymers 1990
  • University of Southern Mississippi, None Polymer Science 1988
  • Virginia Tech, M.S. Forest Products Polymers 1986

Professional Experience

  • National Program Lead, Forest Products and Wood Utilization, U.S. Forest Service
    2006 - Current
    Current focus areas: 1) Create USDA National Network of Manufacturing Innovation (NNMI) institutes. 2) New use for wood, for example, cellulose nanomaterials technologies, renewable chemicals and its use, low-rise buildings and wooden bridges. 3) International standards development to facilitate new use of wood. 4) Policies and regulations for emerging technologies, patenting, tech transfer, intellectual property and new technology deployment. Currently represent the Forest Service in several interagency groups such as the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI), Biomass R&D Board and Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Internal Consultant, Potlatch Corporation
    2003 - 2006
    Lead new technology development and implementation in Corporate Marketing Group. Technologies evaluated for new business development included: scrimber beams, nonpressure treated OSB, Green Building, FSC certification, fire resistant panels, paper wipes, conductive particleboard, particleboard web for I joist, high temperature gluing for figure joint studs, SIP panels. Led or participated in building code issues, standards development, work force development issues, trade shows, capital financing, intellectual property protection, instructional material for fire academies.
  • President, HTL Trading Company
    2002 - 2003
    Log and other commodity export to China.
  • Senior Research Chemist, Georgia Pacific Chemcial Company
    1994 - 2002
    Wood adhesives development and sales support, wood composites research, formaldehyde emission technologies, EPA regulations, mold and termite protection, manufacturing support, customers support in Southeast U.S.
  • Director for Amino Resins, Southeastern Adhesives Company
    1991 - 1994
    Formulate, production support, technical support for amino resins in wood composites, furniture, paper saturation and non-wood applications.
  • Post Doctoral Researcher, Mississippi State University
    1990 - 1991
    Synthesize wood adhesives from natural polymers.

Professional Organizations

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Member (2015 - )
  • Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI), Chair, Nanocellulose International Standards Coordination Committee (2011 - )
  • Society of Wood Science and Technology (SWST), Member (1996 - )
    Past Chair of the George Marra Award Committee
  • American Chemical Society (ACS), Cellulose And Renewable Materials (Cell) Division Awards Committee Chair And Executive Committee Member (1983 - )
  • Forest Products Society (FPS), Member (1987 - )
    Chaired the 2011 National Convention Organizing Committee.

Awards & Recognition

  • Alumni Fellow, Natural Resources, Mississippi State University , 2014
  • Forest Products Society Distinuished Service Award, 2011


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  • Hansen, Fred; Brun, Victoria; Keller, Emily; Nieh, World; Wegner, Theodore; Meador, Michael; Friedersdorf, Lisa. 2014. Cellulose Nanomaterials A Path Towards Commercialization Workshop Report.

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