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Thomas W. Franklin

eDNA Program Leader
800 East Beckwith Avenue
United States

Phone: 406-542-4171
Contact Thomas W. Franklin


  • Appalachian State University, M.S. Ecology & Evolution eDNA Sampling for Hellbender Salamanders, Occupacny Modeling 2016
  • Appalachian State University, B.S. Biology Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Science Geography Minor & GIScience Certificate 2014


Citations of non US Forest Service Publications

  • Young, Michael K.; Isaak, Daniel J.; McKelvey, Kevin S.; Schwartz, Michael K.; Carim, Kellie J.; Fredenberg, Wade; Wilcox, Taylor M.; Franklin, Thomas W.; Chandler, Gwynne L.; Nagel, David E.; Parkes-Payne, Sharon L.; Horan, Dona L.; Wollrab, Sherry P. 2017. Species occurrence data from the Range-Wide Bull Trout eDNA Project. Fort Collins, CO: Forest Service Research Data Archive.

  • Schwartz, M. K., Young, M.K., McKelvey, K.S., Isaak, D.J., Nagel, D.E., Franklin, T.W., Greaves, S.E., Dysthe, J.C., Chandler, G.L., Wollrab, S.P., Carim, K.J., Wilcox, T.M., Parkes-Payne, S.L., Horan, D.L. 2018. Species occurrence data from the Aquatic eDNAtlas database. Fort Collins, CO: Forest Service Research Data Archive. DOI Pending.

Research Highlights


No Fish Left Behind: Using eDNA Sampling to Inform Fish Eradication Efforts

Environmental DNA methods are highly sensitive and accurate, making them ideal for detecting animals at low densities. However, this tool also c ...


Rare Carnivore Detections from Environmental DNA in Snow

A USDA Forest Service study showed that animal footprints in snow contain enough DNA for species identification, even when the snow was many mon ...


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