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Shannon Claeson

Shannon Claeson

Aquatic Ecologist
1133 N Western Ave.
United States

Phone: 509-664-1731
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Current Research

My research focuses on several issues including the effects of man-made large-wood structures on fish, response of stream biota and channel morphology to dam removal and debris flows, and the development of benthic macroinvertebrate communties in streams and ponds created from the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980.

Research Interests

  • Riparian and aquatic systems interactions
  • Role of aquatic invertebrates in stream and lake systems
  • Community ecology, disturbance ecology, food webs, and ecological impact of invasive organisms

Past Research

My past research has explored the effects of: invasive knotweed management actions on riparian vegetation communties and structure; knotweed leaf decomposition on stream ecology; salmon carcasses and marine-derived-nutrients on stream food webs and productivity; and forest harvesting on temperature, aquatic invertebrates, and riparian mollusk and millipede diversity in and near headwater streams.


  • Oregon State University, M.S. Fisheries Science 2004

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