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Rima Lucardi

Research Ecologist
320 Green Street
United States

Phone: 706-559-4278
Fax: 318-473-7222
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Research Interests

I possess a broad training in the fields of biology, ecology, and population genetics. My research focuses on mitigating and preventing exotic plant invasions in Southern forest communities. I utilize diverse approaches at various scales to elucidate generalizable characteristics associated with biological invasions. I combine the basic tenets of invasion biology with conservation biology to better address the needs of forest communities. I utilize both population and landscape genetics to identify the vectors and pathways that disperse propagules of undesirable plant species and range expansion dynamics in the invaded range. These data can then be utilized for more effective management of available resources by identifying target populations that source new invasive populations.

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Can plant invasions be prevented? Multidisciplinary identification and interception of non-native, invasive plants at the Port of Savannah, Georgia, USA

The positive relationship between increasing national gross domestic product (GDP) and non-native plant species-richness suggests that internati ...


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