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Pat Miles

Research Forester
1992 Folwell Ave
St. Paul
United States

Phone: 651-649-5146
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Current Research

My primary role is to prototype new forest estimates and make them available to researchers, policy makers, land managers, and other interested parties. Most recently this includes prototyping new biomass estimates and adding the ability to report area change estimates and ratio estimates to the EVLAIDator web-application. Future efforts will include incorporating biomass change estimates.

As the RPA National Database Manager I am currently compiling statistics for the 2012 report on the Forest Resources of the United States. I also maintain the Forest Inventory and Analysis DataMart:

I provide technical support and access to these databases through publicly available web applications (EVALIDator web-application: and National Woodland Owner Survey web-application:

As the FIA analyst for Minnesota I analyze and report on the current forest conditions of Minnesota.

Research Interests

  • Work with other scientists to extend the utility of Forest Inventory data.
  • Incorporate Forest Health Monitoring data into current Web applications where appropriate.
  • Develop additional tools and datasets for GIS users with expanded capabilities for generating user-defined columns.
  • Incorporate social and economic data into current/future tools.

Why This Research is Important

FIA has traditionally been used at the strategic level. I am working on two projects that are national in scope:

  • Using the FIA database to identify areas of high fire hazard and calculates the cost and benefits of mitigation, and
  • using the FIA database to identify potential biomass energy feedstocks to help meet the Dept. of Energy's goal of meeting 30 percent of the nation's liquid fuel needs by the year 2030.
  • I am also working to make FIA data more useful to forest planners and land managers. I have developed routines for generating FIA data in a format suitable for use with the Forest Vegetation Simulator for planning purposes. I am working on a Web application that will allow land managers to use FIA data for land management purposes by more fully using remote sensing data.


    • University of Minnesota, M.S. Forestry 1984
    • University of Minnesota, B.S. Forestry 1981

    Professional Organizations

    • Society of American Foresters

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