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Matt D. Busse

Research Social Scientist
1731 Research Park
United States

Phone: 530-759-1721
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Current Research

  • Carbon dioxide efflux, effects of competing vegetation and soil nutrient availability on microbial respiration (Garden of Eden experiment).
  • Symbiotic N fixation by bitterbrush and ceanothus in eastside pine forests.
  • Changes in microbial activity and soil nutrient pools in response to manipulation of understory vegetation.
  • Long-term forest sustainability following thinning, prescribed fire, and fertilization.
  • Effect of organic matter content and soil porosity on decomposition processes (LTSP study).

Research Interests

To improve our understanding of nutrient cycling processes in managed forests. My work focuses on the regulation of soil carbon and nitrogen cycling by bacterial and fungal communities. Applied research projects are designed to provide new knowledge on the function of microorganisms in relation to forest sustainability.


  • Oregon State University, Ph.D. Soil Microbiology 1989
  • University of Nebraska, M.S. Soil Microbiology 1984
  • Calfornia Polytechnic State University, B.S. Soil Science 1981

Professional Experience

  • Research Microbiologist, PSW Station
    1995 - Present
  • Ecologist, USDA, Forest Service, PNW Regional Ecology Program
    1992 - 1995
  • Research Microbiologist - post doctoral, USDA, Forest Service, PNW
    1989 - 1991


Research Highlights


Forest soil resilience following biomass thinning and repeated prescribed fire

The soil organic horizon, or forest floor, it vital to the function and health of most conifer forests. As a source of soil carbon and nutrients ...


Impacts of Timber and Biomass Harvesting on Soil Biological Quality

Soil is essential to the health and sustainability of global ecosystems and human populations. And while much attention often is spent on what ...


Pushing the Limits of Forest Resilience

Intense demand for forest resources has been a fact of life in the United States, from the early days of western expansion to today's rapid pace ...


Scientists Study the Effects of Pile Burning in the Lake Tahoe Basin

Burning piles of conifer slash is a common fuel reduction practice in forests of the western United States that may detrimentally effect soil a ...


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