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Soil Scientist

Michael C. Amacher

Research Soil Scientist
860 North 1200 East
United States

Phone: 435-755-3569
Fax: 435-755-3563
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Curriculum vitae (90 KB MSWORD)

Current Research

My research examines and explores the remediation of mine waste rock, wetland attenuation of contaminants, geochemical weathering reactions, and coupled reaction and transport models. My research also includes monitoring and assessment of soil and water quality, forest health indicators, and climate-change effects on soils.

Research Interests

Most of my research has focused on the impacts of land use activities on soil and water resources. Future research will focus on conditions and trends of soil resources in response to shifting climate and as they imact forest health.

Past Research

Co-wrote the definitive reference book on metal reactivity and transport in soils. Developed numerous new analytical methods for soils. Co-produced the first and only quantitative national inventory of carbon stocks in forest soils. Developed new remediation strategies for mine wastes. Please see attached resume for complete list of publications.

Why This Research is Important

Organisms cannot complete their life cycles without healthy soil and water conditions. The continued stresses of increased land use activities and climate shifts combined with other factors produce severe risks to maintaining soil and water quality. Unless threats can be accurately gauged and mitigated, forest resource decline is certain.


  • Penn State University, University Park, B.S. Chemistry 1972
  • Penn State University, University Park, M.S. Chemistry 1978
  • Penn State University, University Park, Ph.D. Soil Chemistry 1981

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