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Linda E. Kruger

Linda E. Kruger, Ph.D.

Research Social Scientist
11175 Auke Lake Way
United States

Phone: 907-586-7814
Fax: 907-586-7848
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Current Research

I am working with Tribes to document environmental change, potential effects on Tribal life, and adaptation strategies. I also work on sharing information on health benefits of spending time in nature and the outdoor environment. My work involves engaging with partners and communities throughout the research process.

Research Interests

  • Health and wellness/well-being benefits of spending time in nature, volunteering, collaboration and partnerships
  • Traditional knowledge of change.

Past Research

My past work has focused on sense of place, attachment to place, and place-based planning, community preparedness for wildland fire, community resilience and well-being, and Alaska resident recreation.

Why This Research is Important

People care about specific places and want to be included in decisionmaking for those places. Public health and escalating health care costs are of increasing concern to society. People, including seniors and retirees, want to stay physically, mentally, and socially engaged through participation in outdoor activities and give back to society by volunteering on public lands. Recreation and volunteering on public lands contribute to improved public health and reduced health care costs. Commercial tourism operators prefer proactive involvement in developing and self-policing pratices on public lands.


  • Antioch University, Seattle, M.A. Whole Systems Design 2003
  • University of Washington, Ph.D. Forestry/Social Sciences 1996
  • University of Michigan, B.S. Natural Resource Management 1976

Awards & Recognition

  • PNW Nominee for Chief's Honor Award Promoting Recreation, 2008
    For working to enhance opportunities in the development of recreation and tourism, and for identifying meaningful ways to engage the public and generate an understanding of these activities and their role in community well-being.
  • Society for Human Ecology, 2008
    Distinguished Leadership Award
  • USDA Certificate of Merit, 2007
    For outstanding leadership during the tranistion to a new team leader in Seattle
  • USDA Certificate of Merit, 2005
    For leadership in defining a program of social science work for Alaska
  • USDA Certificate of Merit, 2005
    For excellence in contributions to the Communities and Forest Management book
  • USDA Certificate of Merit, 2004
    For contributions as a Team Leader in the high level of performance of PNW 4865 - FY 04
  • USDA Certificate of Merit, 2003
    For contributions to the management of a highly productive research program
  • Chief's Multicultural Organization Individual Award, 2002
    Cheif's Toward a Multicultural Organization Award
  • USDA Certificate of Merit, 2002
    For participation in collecative activities that serve as an example of how collaboration can improve the wellbeing of one of the Station's Lab Communities
  • Certificate of Appreciation, 2002
    for leadership and high achievement
  • USDA Certificate of Merit, 2001
    For major contributions to the Forest Service and the public, by bringing several major ressearch projects to completion, and represting the Research Station in helping to create important contacts with underserved populations
  • Extra Effort Award, 2001
    for leadership and achievement
  • PNW Toward a Multicultural Organization, 2000
    PNW Toward a Multicultural Organization Award
  • USDA Certificate of Merit, 2000
    For outstanding work in representing Forest Service Research in planning the 8th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management in Bellingham, WA June 17-22,2000
  • PNW Research Science Findings Award, 1999
    "Getting to know you: Accessing community knoweldge"
  • USDA Certificate of Merit, 1999
    For exception effort to include Social Sciences language in the Forest Service Manual to implement the Report of the Committee of Scientists, "Sustaining the People's Land"
  • USDA Certificate of Merit, 1998
    In recognition of your superior performance
  • USDA Certificate of Merit, 1997
    In recognition of your superior performance to the Peopleand Natural Resources Program
  • PNW Fullfilling the Vision Award, 1993
    For exemplifying flexibility, responsivenss, participation, quality, and humanism; and promoting understanding of the PNW Station
  • USDA Certificate of Merit, 1993
    For outstanding contributions to the People and Natural Resouces Program and the Consortium for Social Values of Natural Resources
  • Scholarship, 1991
    Southeast Alaska Tourism Council Terry Miller Scholarship for a paper written on the complexity of resource management related to tourism and recreation in Southeast Alaska
  • USDA Certificate of Merit, 1991
    In recognition for yoiur outstanding job in planning and conducting the Canadian Forest Land Use Liaison Committee Field Trip
  • Scholarship, 1990
    Southeast Alaska Tourism Council Terry Miller Scholarship for a paper written on the value aqnd significance of tourism and recreation in Southeast Alaska
  • USDA Certificate of Appreciation, FS Alaska Region, 1989
    For continuous, effective coordination as an Alaska State Parks and Outdoor Recreation Cooporator over more than a decade of successful negotiations and collaboration with the Forest Service in Southeast Alaska

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