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Kathleen Wolf

Research Social Scientist
400 N 34th St., Suite 201
United States

Phone: 206-732-7820
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Current Research

(1) Green Cities Research Alliance�science collaborator across multiple studies: (a) conducting urban forest canopy assessment to better understand regional benefits and ecosystem services, (b) evaluating urban natural resources stewardship programs at the volunteer and organizational scales, and (c) initiating a study of the relationship of urban natural resources and public health. More information is available at (2) Green Cities: Good Health�a focused science delivery project consisting of a comprehensive research literature review of the linkages between urban greening and human health and well-being. More information is available at

Research Interests

Human dimensions of urban forestry and urban greening; public health benefits associated with citizen access to nearby nature in cities; understanding the extent, significance, and positive footprint of citizen engagement in urban ecology; and integration of science and policy in urban natural resources stewardship, including urban ecosystem services.

Past Research

In the past, I have studied consumer response to the urban forest in business districts, city trees and transportation safety, interactions of science and local government urban forestry policy, and assessments of urban forestry research needs.

Why This Research is Important

More than 80 percent of the U.S. population now lives in urban environments. Urban natural resources, including the urban forest, provide a wide range of environmental, social, and economic benefits that enhance quality of life and make cities more livable. Nearby nature may be overlooked, or not adequately managed to generate the highest levels of these ecosystem services. Quality research, coupled with effective results outreach, can inform decisionmakers about the importance of urban greening and provide guidance on the best management practices.


  • University of Michigan, Ph.D. Landscape Architecture/Environmental Psychology 1994
  • University of Michigan, M.L.A. Landscape Architecture 1987
  • Whitman College, B.A. Biology 1979


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