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Kathleen McGinley

Kathleen McGinley

Research Social Scientist
International Institute of Tropical Forestry, Jardin Botanico Sur, 1201 Calle Ceiba
c/o 920 Main Campus Drive Suite 300
North Carolina
United States

Phone: 919-513-3331
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Current Research

My current research involves forest and land use governance questions at the local level around El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico; national assessment of the political, legal and institutional framework for supporting forest sustainability at the national level, and the influence, impacts, and causal logics of international instruments aimed at reducing illegal logging and enhancing forest sustainability. Through these and other research projects I focus on (1) developing knowledge of laws, regulations, fiscal instruments, and other legal elements intended to influence forested landscape conditions and human dimensions in the American Tropics; (2) identifying and understanding better the means and mechanisms for implementing natural resource and forest policies and their effectiveness in promoting the long-term sustainability of tropical forest systems; and (3) improving understanding of existing and emerging natural resource and forest governance approaches from local to global levels and their capacity to advance the long-term sustainability of ecological, economic, and social forest values. Given the complex and diverse processes involved in natural resource and forest land use decisions, the scientist works across traditional disciplinary and RWU boundaries and collaborates nationally and internationally with a broad range of social and biological scientists.

Research Interests

I am interested in understanding how institutions encourage, shape, and/or debilitate the promotion of publicly important forest values and goals. The main objectives of the individual’s personal research are to evaluate the legal, political, and governance influences on Neotropical natural resource and forest conservation and management, and to develop and contribute new knowledge on those settings and arrangements that best support the sustainability of the region’s forested landscapes. These elements are crucial to good forest governance in the tropics and around the world, but are often overlooked or underappreciated in resource management decisions and are insufficiently studied and understood at local to global levels.


  • North Carolina State University, Ph.D. Forest Resources Forest Policy 2008
  • CATIE (Centro Agronomico Tropical de Investigacion y Ensenanza), M.S. Forest Resources Tropical Forest Conservation and Sustainable Management 2000
  • University of Florida, B.S Forestry Forestry 1996

Professional Experience

  • Research Social Scientist, USDA Forest Service International Institute of Tropical Forestry
    2009 - Current
  • International Cooperation Specialist, USDA Forest Service International Institute of Tropical Forestry
    2002 - 2008
  • Research Assistant, CATIE (Centro Agronomico Tropical de Investigacion y Ensenanza)
    2000 - 2002

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