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Kelly Burnett

Kelly Burnett

Research Fish Biologist
3200 SW Jefferson Way
United States

Phone: 541-750-7309
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Current Research

My current research is focused on (1) developing and evaluating models to map over large areas the intrinsic potential of streams to provide high-quality habitat for different species of salmon and trout, (2) understanding relationships among landscape characteristics, in-stream habitat, and salmon abundances in western Oregon and western Alaska, (3) examining recovery of streams following debris flows that occurred throughout western Oregon in 1996, (4) modeling viability of coho salmon in response to natural disturbance and land-management scenarios, and (5) characterizing connectivity in and across stream networks.

Research Interests

My research interests center around four broad topics: 1) Understanding relationships between salmon and their habitats; 2) Characterizing how aquatic habitats are distributed throughout a stream network and across a landscape and what influences this distribution; 3) Evaluating and developing spatial data for broad-scale research and conservation of stream ecosystems; and 4) Advancing knowledge about interactions among in-channel conditions, watershed processes, and land management to better design and evaluate policy options.

Past Research

Some of my past research has targeted (1) modeling stream networks along with numerous empirically calibrated attributes (e.g., stream gradient, flow, and constraint) from digital elevation and field data; and (2) modeling debris-flow initiation, runout, and deposition and potential effects of alternative forest policies for headwater streams.

Why This Research is Important

Salmon are culturally, economically, and ecologically important. This research provides a foundation for informed decisionmaking about salmon and their habitats by land managers and regulators in the United States and abroad. Concepts and spatial data developed through these studies have also influenced and enabled studies by other researchers.


  • Oregon State University, Ph.D. Fisheries Science 2001
  • Oregon State University, M.S. Fisheries Science 1987
  • Berry College, B.S. Biology 1980
  • Berry College, B.S. Chemistry 1980

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