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Jim J. Reardon

5775 Highway 10 West
United States

Phone: 406-329-4849
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Current Research

I am currently working on :1)Smoldering Combustion limits of Organic soils in pocosin shrub communities in North Carolina 2)Live and dead fuel moisture dynamics in grassland communities in Montana 3) Smoke emissions from prescribed burning in the southeastern USA

Research Interests

My research interests are focused on: 1) Soil heating and smoldering combustion processes 2) development of real time instrumentation to provide measurements of fuel and soil properties that to improve our decision making process

Past Research

The significance of smoldering combustion of organic soils is of increasing significant due to concerns about climate change and an increasing an awareness of public health issues regarding emissions from wildfires and prescribed burning. An improved understanding of the factors that influence the consumption of organic soils will improve our ability to anticipate and hopefully mitigate some of the effects of burning.

Why This Research is Important

The projects I have worked on in the past include:1)The development and testing of a soil heating model2)The effects of soil heating that result from from wild fire and prescribed burning. The studies have included soil nutrients,cultural artifacts and pallentological resources. 3) Soil heating associated with the in_situ burning of oil spills.


  • Rutgers University, B.S. Foresrty/Soils 1978

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