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James S. Menlove

507-25th Street
United States

Phone: 801-625-5426
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Current Research

Exploring compilation and use of less traditional FIA data, like understory vegetation, down woody, and other Phase 3-related data. Assisting users with data queries, data access, and independent analysis. Fulfilling FIA analysis mandate by completing required reports in a timely manner.

Research Interests

Working with FIA data users to expand the traditional scope of FIA data. Some examples: Using understory vegetation and down woody to assess fire regimes; and using FIA data to assess old growth/late successional forest characteristics.

Past Research

It is important to make sure that FIA data are available and understandable to the public. The data are useful in a wide variety of applications, but only if users have access, as well as help in compiling and interpreting results.

Why This Research is Important

Reports and compilations of data for forest management agencies and owners like the BLM, the BIA and tribal foresters, and widerness managers.


  • University of Utah, B.S. Biology - Ecology and Evolution 1992
  • University of Wyoming, M.S. Zoology & Physiology (Ecology) 1996

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