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Carnivore Research Associate

Jessie Golding

Carnivore Research Associate
800 East Beckwith Avenue
United States

Phone: 406-542-4158
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Current Research

My research focuses on how rare carnivores persist on the landscape, how we use that knowledge to monitor their populations, and how to best get that monitoring information to both managers and scientists. I have been working collaboriatively to develop a long-term monitoring program for rare mesocarnivores, including fishers, lynx, wolverines, martens, and montane red foxes.


  • University of Montana, Missoula, M.S. Wildlife Biology 2015
  • University of California, Berkeley, B.A. Integrative Biology and Environmental Science 2007

Professional Experience

  • Wildlife Biologist, AECOM
    2007 - 2012


Citations of non US Forest Service Publications

  • Golding, J. D. and V.J. Dreitz. 2017. Songbird response to rest-rotation and season-long cattle grazing in a grassland sagebrush ecosystem. Journal of Environmental Management 204: 605­–612.

    Golding, J. D., Nowak, J.J., and V.J. Dreitz. 2017. A multispecies dependent double-observer model: a new method for estimating multispecies abundance. Ecology and Evolution 7: 3425­–3435.

    Golding, J. D. and V.J. Dreitz. 2016. A comparison of removal-based methods for estimating abundance of prairie songbirds. Journal of Field Ornithology 87: 417–426.

Research Highlights


Rare Carnivore Detections from Environmental DNA in Snow

A USDA Forest Service study showed that animal footprints in snow contain enough DNA for species identification, even when the snow was many mon ...


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