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John F. Hunt

John F. Hunt

Research Mechanical Engineer (Volunteer)
One Gifford Pinchot Drive
United States

Phone: 608-231-9433
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Current Research

Hunt's primary focus is on process and performance modeling of wet formed hardboard type panels made from bio-based ligno-cellulosic materials including wood, wood fibers, recycled paper, and agro fibers. He also works on three-dimensional modeling of composites made from fibers, laminated materials, small diameter wood utilization through laminated structural lumber and whole tree fiberization. His research background knowledge includes molded fiber products, Spaceboard, Gridcore, wet-formed fiberboard manufacturing, recycling paper into structural products, press drying paper, fiberglass and carbon fibers in fiberboard, honeycomb paper cores, sandwich construction, veneer peeling, finite element analysis, and laminated paper.

Research Interests

  • Small diameter tree utilization
  • Recycle fibers
  • Agro-fibers
  • Hardboard and Fiberboard
  • FT-NIR spectroscopy
  • Poisson's ratio of hardboard
  • Microwave heating wood
  • Laminated structures
  • 3D Molding Processing
  • Cantilever Beam Vibration
  • Press-Drying Effects of Paper Fibers
  • Finite Element Modeling
  • Sandwich Panel Structures

Past Research

1981-97: Fiber Product Design Criteria Research Work Unit. Professional support for the research work unit investigating the use of press-drying methods on paper fibers for paper materials. Developed concepts for 3D forming fiber structures and the improved performance of fiber produced materials. This method allowed the use of lesser used or lower quality fibrous materials to be up-graded for use as a packaging or structural material.


  • University of Wisconsin, Madison, M.S. Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering 1997
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison, B.S. Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering 1981

Professional Organizations

  • Professional Engineer of Wisconsin, Member (1999 - Current)
    I am a licensed engineer in the State of Wisconsin
  • International Molded Fiberboard Association , Member (1998 - Current)

Awards & Recognition

  • AFPA Alvin J. Huss Award. Team Award: 8 Members, 1993
    This award is presented in recognition of technological excellence in research and development of a new generation of recycled products using recovered paper and paperboard materials FPL Spaceboard an innovative, high performance structural sandwich f

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