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Mark A. Hatfield

271 Mast Road
New Hampshire
United States

Phone: 603-868-7641
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Featured Publications & Products

  • Morin, Randall S.; Barnett, Chuck J.; Brand, Gary J.; Butler, Brett J.; De Geus, Robert; Hansen, Mark H.; Hatfield, Mark A.; Kurtz, Cassandra M.; Moser, W. Keith; Perry, Charles H.; Piva, Ron; Riemann, Rachel; Widmann, Richard; Wilmot, Sandy; Woodall, Chris W. 2011. Vermont's Forests 2007.
  • McCaskill, George L.; McWilliams, William H.; Barnett, Charles J.; Butler, Brett J.; Hatfield, Mark A.; Kurtz, Cassandra M.; Morin, Randall S.; Moser, W. Keith; Perry, Charles H.; Woodall, Christopher W. 2011. Maine's forests 2008.
  • Woodall, Christopher W.; Webb, Mark N.; Wilson, Barry T.; Settle, Jeff; Piva, Ron J.; Perry, Charles H.; Meneguzzo, Dacia M.; Crocker, Susan J.; Butler, Brett J.; Hansen, Mark; Hatfield, Mark; Brand, Gary; Barnett, Charles. 2011. Indiana's Forests 2008.
  • McRoberts, Ronald E.; Hatfield, Mark A.; Crocker, Susan J. 2009. Estimating uncertainty in map intersections.
  • Ward, Kathleen; Ostry, Michael; Venette, Robert; Palik, Brian; Hansen, Mark; Hatfield, Mark. 2009. Assessment of black ash (Fraxinus nigra) decline in Minnesota.


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Forest Inventory and Analysis Urban Monitoring Expands to Include 26 Cities

In collaboration with state and local partners, the Forest Service’s Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIS) Program has expanded urban forest mon ...


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