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Gretchen Moisen

Gretchen Moisen

Research Forester
507 25th Street
United States

Phone: 801-625-5384
Fax: 801-625-5723
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Current Research

1. Developing modeling methodologies for the 2011 NLCD tree canopy cover product. 2. Studying US forest disturbance history from landsat. 3. Integrating landsat-based disturbance information into inventory and monitoring estimation procedures. 4. Developing methods to assign cause of disturbance to landsat-based disturbance products. 5. Improving methods for broad scale species distribution modeling. 6. Studying the ffects of projected climate change on distribution patterns of Western North America conifers.

Research Interests

I am interested in four broad areas of research: 1) developing methods for sampling and integrating inventory data with remotely sensed information to improve the quality and efficiency of inventory analysis and reporting products; 2) developing mapping tools and spatial depictions of diverse vegetation conditions; 3) quantifying disturbance effects on various resources; and 4) supporting land management planning and monitoring needs by developing tools to broaden the scope of strategic vegetation inventory applications.

Past Research

Working to improve the quality, efficiency, and breadth of nationwide inventory and monitoring products expands foundational information for a broad spectrum of scientific and managerial applications.

Why This Research is Important

1. Nationwide forest biomass map. 2. Comparing nonlinear and nonparametric modeling techniques for predictive mapping of forest attributes. 3. Improving modeling and validation methodologies for species distribution models.


  • University of New Hampshire, B.S. Forestry 1982
  • Utah State University, M.S. Statistics 1990
  • Utah State University, Ph.D. Statistics 2000

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Research Highlights


A 25-Year History of Forest Disturbance and Cause in the United States

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Mapping Causes of Disturbance in U.S. Forests

A collaborative project between the USFS Forest Inventory and Analysis Program (FIA), NASA, and several universities developed a national datase ...


ModelMap Predicts Forest Characteristics Over Any Geographic Extent

Forest Service scientists created a tool, ModelMap, that can combine the Forest Inventory and Analysis plot data with remote sensing satellite i ...


Shape Selection in Landsat Time Series

Understanding trends in forest disturbance and their effects on forest parameters such as tree canopy cover and biomass is important for carbon ...


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