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Erin Lane

Erin Lane

Natural Resource Specialist
271 Mast Rd.
New Hampshire
United States

Phone: 603-393-0372
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Current Research

Erin works as the coordinator for the USDA Northeast Climate Hub—delivering science-based information to farmers and foresters to help them adapt to the changing climate. Her passions lay in teamwork and collaborations with partners. She is also a co-founder of the North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange serving the fire community to advance the use of relevant fire science to harmonize fire management goals by bringing people together and addressing challenges.

While all of her current work is aimed toward creating networks, Erin made the recent change in direction to focus on climate change after a career based in fire management. She worked for several seasons out west as a firefighter first learning about positive communications through digging line with her crew during shifts lasting all day and night and all the next day. Tremendous accomplishments were achieved due to the comradery Erin experienced on her Hot Shot Crew and she strives to develop this highly effective function with her current teams.


Research Interests

adapting to climate change on working lands, co-production of knowledge, the impact of climate change on wildland fire in the northeastern US

Past Research

fire planning, fire ecology in Maine, implementing Wildland Fire Use policy in New England


Research Highlights


Fire in Oak: Bringing Together Managers and Scientists for Solutions in the Northeast

The North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange brings together diverse partners to learn and work together to address the issue of regenerating oak us ...


Virtual tours showcase climate adaptation stories “As If You Were There”

The USDA Northeast Climate Hub developed a series of “As If You Were There” virtual tours designed to introduce users to climate adaptation ...


Last updated on : 07/01/2020